Sibling Weekend

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Fun weekend but it was a busy one. My sister and her spouse were in town for a short visit. My younger brother and his family live in the same area so it was almost a reunion. We did a group chat with my older brother on Sunday just to complete the circle.

Friday was another visit to the State Fair since that was on the list. We’re a fair family – what can I say. This was the last weekend for the Fair but there was still lots to see and do and eat. There are just certain things that must be eaten when one is at a State Fair.

My sister had sprained her ankles recently so the Fair was the only big day of walking so we didn’t do any other touristy things with them. Saturday night my brother cooked out and then all stopped by for a visit on Sunday and we ended with a dinner out on Sunday night.

There were cards. There are always cards. We all hate to lose but we still manage to have a good time playing.

At one point, it was noted that this was the first time we’ve been together since before the pandemic that wasn’t a sad occasion. It started with Mom’s funeral and then the summer of the ‘rona wasn’t a good time to travel. And then we had all the thing with Dad. I mean we did find way to have fun while cleaning out the house but the overall vibe was still a sad one. So it was nice to just get together because we wanted to and not because we had other things to take care of.

With both the parents gone, the future of reunions is a bit cloudy. It made sense to gather in their beach town for a week but since they are gone, there really isn’t a desire to go back. Guess we shall have to wait and see how it plays out.

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