Dinner Interrupted

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Saturday night we had plans to see our symphony perform at an outdoor venue (same one we went to for July 4th). They were playing movie music – mostly from John Williams but with a few others randomly tossed in. I need to lodge one complaint though. For some reason, they stopped printing programs. I would assume it is a cost cutting thing but they used to hand them out so you would know what was about to be played. Now you just have to hope you recognize the piece or the conductor will tell you.

Granted with movie themes, it was pretty easy although there were a few I didn’t know off hand.

We woke up to heavy clouds and as we were doing some errands, it certainly looked like the sky was going to open up and pour at any moment. I think you could call the clouds ominous. Rain would have been an issue since this was the last concert we wanted to see and I’m not sure what the refund policy is these days.

But we ended up with a perfect night. The clouds kept the sun away and kept the temperatures away from the predicted mid 90’s. It was humid because it just has to be during summer but when the sun went down and the fireflies came out, we got a bit of a breeze and it was totally comfortable.

There’s always some sadness when I fold up the chairs and the other things we take and set them aside knowing they won’t see the light of day until next summer. However, for the last concert we planned to see, the weather was near perfect.

Sunday was similar we scattered storms in the area. We had dinner plans and were enjoying the food when my phone started doing the weather alert siren. The one that you can’t silence or stop. Then the screen is telling me about a TORNADO WARNING and to seek shelter right away. The outdoor sirens didn’t go off and nobody in the restaurant seemed to care so we just stuck to dinner.

I was working the phone to try and figure out what the heck was going on. Turns out that there was a tornado in the next county north of us. Now we were very near the county line and the tornado was in the southern part of the next county so it was likely within a few miles. Not really sure why I got the siren since we weren’t actually in the county with the tornado but it didn’t amount to anything so it all worked out in the end.

We did get rain overnight and today the temperatures are much cooler. We are supposed to have temps in the low 80’s all week and that would be perfect since we are going to the State Fair this weekend.

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