Friday Morning Things

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We actually have plans for the weekend so if anyone asks, I’ve got that covered. Kind of an inside introvert joke because the one question I’ve never liked is “Got any big plans for the weekend”. First of all, I don’t plan so there’s that. Secondly, the weekend is just time to kick back and take what comes. Why do I need to fill in the time with activities.

There is another outdoor concert we are going to on Saturday night. This one features the movie music of John Williams played by our symphony. It is going to be hot but sunrise comes earlier now and things do cool off a bit once the sun goes away.

I’m having a problem with books (e-books to be technical). I’m going through them too fast. I’ve found that spending a little time reading before bed is a great way to distract your mind from the bad stuff going on in the world. It seems to help me fall asleep a little quicker. Except that I’ve been averaging 4-5 days per book.

To me, reading a book is like pushing a rock uphill. There’s work at the beginning to get into the story and the characters. Some books grab you right away and so the uphill part is short. Others take a little time. But when you get fully invested in the characters and the story, putting down the book is like trying to stop a rock rolling downhill.

Last night, I had nothing new so I just went to work on the current puzzle we are doing. That seemed to work out but we can also go through puzzles pretty quickly. Imagine if I said my plans for the weekend were to work on the latest puzzle and then read a bit. Sounds great to me but then I do live in the slow lane.

I take a prescription anti-inflammatory for my arthritis. For the longest time, it came with the dreaded child proof cap and I never remembered to ask whether it would be possible to not have that. Something must have changed because the last prescription had a normal lid. OK, when I say normal, I mean what used to be normal before everything had to be in those ridiculous things that require pushing and twisting in the right way.

Now, I have another medicine I take and that one was still in the child proof bottle. I mean couldn’t you coordinate a bit better. I’m sure there is just some new line of code that says something like “If medicine = arthritis then cap = normal”. Why couldn’t you just search through all the prescriptions for a given name and put them all in that type of cap. We can make it easier for you to open one bottle but not the other. The rules won’t let us do that.

The older I get the more it seems we lack a significant amount of common sense.

On the way home from the studio the other day, I saw something run across the road a few cars ahead of me. Fortunately, it made it safely and it turned out to be a fox – and probably a young one. He did look a little scared which isn’t shocking if he had to dodge traffic just to get to a new spot.

It is nice to see wildlife in mostly urban areas but I know that part of it is because we keep building farther and father out so we are taking land from them because people want nice new homes. Anyway, I’m just glad the little guy made it across and I hope he can find a place where he doesn’t need to cross a lot of roads.

If you have plans for the weekend, I hope they go well. If not, then just enjoy it.

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