Midsummer Thoughts

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Hard to believe July is more than half over so we are right in the middle of summer. I know the Calendar says summer starts in late June and ends in late September but everyone knows summer is Memorial Day through Labor Day. Even though the weather is often not summer like in early June and can be summer like into September. Doesn’t matter though – something about getting past Labor Day with football starting just makes it seem more like fall.

We have a crew here doing all sorts of landscape things. There are times I feel strange watching people doing things I could do but then I think about how hot it is and the fact that they’ve got a whole crew and it is still going to take all day to get things trimmed and the mulch put down. I can’t even imagine how long it would take me to do that by myself.

Plus, while I do enjoy summer, my idea of an outdoor activity is reading in the shade. Or taking a little walk through places where there is shade so you aren’t spending a significant amount of time in direct sun. My outdoor gardening activities are essentially limited to planting flowers in the spring.

So I spend today listening to the sounds of trimmers and blowers. But the lawn does look so much better with a new layer of mulch. At least for a few days until the weeds come back or we get rain to wash some of it away.

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