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Other than COVID, I don’t talk about news and current events here and I’m not planning to start. You can’t divorce yourself entirely from what is going on in the world but there’s a lot of really ugly stuff out there and it can drag you down. That’s kind of happened to me today.

Then I realized the thing that happened was only part of the reason. I allowed myself to read comments on the various news stories and on a certain social media site that I probably need to just stay away from. I understand people are going to have strong emotions but what I was reading was really just blind rage and hatred.

I do sometimes feel that people in power don’t want solutions. They want issues because they want people amped up and mad because that gets them to go out an vote. And the people in power just want to stay in power so they can keep promising solutions that they will never deliver. Cynical you are.

And people keep getting angrier and uglier with each other. Again, social media is a big part of the problem because you can sit at your keyboard and say things to someone you’d never say to their face. So you can’t have discussions anymore – everything is arguments and scoring points. Think differently and you must be destroyed.

Some days the best thing to do is just turn off all the noise and spend the day watching birds. (Kind of did that today)

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