Make it Look Easy

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Not that I’m calling myself an artist but the same concept applies to us amateur ballroom dancers. I shared one of my routines from Showcase the other day because people like seeing me dance. Got to give the people what they want. No, I’m not going to do that here because of reasons.

Anyway, my sister made a comment about how I made the complicated steps look effortless. Not the first time I’ve heard that. I sometimes wish I had an accurate tally of the number of hours we spent practicing that routine just so people understand I didn’t just roll out of bed that morning and performed the routine.

I’m not sure why that matters though. If you haven’t tried to learn dance before, then knowing how much time it takes wouldn’t really matter because you don’t have a way to put it into context. And by focusing just on how much we practiced only tells part of the story because what they see is a combination of my natural ability and the time spent rehearsing.

Yes, anyone can learn to dance. But not everyone is going to be able to do things and make them look effortless. The thing is that you won’t know unless you tried. If you had told me when I first walked into the studio that I’d be performing like this and that people would actually enjoy watching me dance, I never would have believed you. Yet here I am.

Anyway, this was just some rambling thoughts. If I had a point it would be that you will never know if you can do something if you try to do it. If you don’t try, you might be missing out on something great.

Not related but another thought that is currently in my head.

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