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According to my Fitbit, I put in over 16000 steps at Showcase last Sunday. I know I was feeling it in the evening. Then, I had a double lesson on Monday. Not perhaps the smartest thing but it was really the only opportunity to work with a coach so I thought it was worth doing. Did group classes on Tuesday and Thursday as well as the party on Thursday. I did take Tuesday off but did my daily workouts the rest of the week.

And I guess my body decided I had done too much. Went to another group class on Friday and then was in my first lesson when something popped in the knee. Now, my joints snap crackle and pop all the time but this was different. Maybe it was just what I was doing when it happened but it felt like something wanted to give out.

Given the location and how I’m feeling today, it was something in the joint. I did try to keep going because it didn’t feel that bad right after but the longer I was on it, the more I was feeling little twinges and other things suggesting that, perhaps, I shouldn’t be doing anything.

With the arthritis, I really don’t have many pain free days. I just have days when the pain is dialed down to a low level and it doesn’t impact what I’m trying to do. And they tell you that exercise is a good thing for the OA so I have a tendency to try and push through even when I probably shouldn’t. Last night, we ended up calling it a night after the first lesson.

It sucks but it was the right decision. OA is typically thought of as an old person’s thing but I’ve been dealing with it since my late 40’s which really isn’t that old. Most of the time, it doesn’t really interfere with what I want to do. Every now and then it does. So I’ll be on some ice today and not trying to do a whole lot this weekend and hopefully it will calm down before the next lesson.

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