Simple Pleasures Weekend

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Lots of negative energy out there right now. It is hard not to get swept up in it which is why I don’t spend a lot of time watching “news”. And I put that in quotes since most news is just opinion and a lot of it is designed to keep you angry or afraid so you keep watching. We seem to have lost the ability for rational thought and are just reacting with pure emotion – and mostly negative ones. And it is likely to get much worse before it gets better.

In the meantime, we had a weekend of beautiful spring weather. The type you’d want to bottle and just experience over and over again. Highs topping out near 70 with abundant sunshine and a near constant breeze making it all feel wonderful.

So we took advantage of it. Several walks in our favorite little park to look at the turtles who were fighting for every available inch of real estate to soak up the sun. We counted between 30 and 40 each day which is probably close to the peak turtle count. After a cooler than normal April, I think they appreciated the warmer weather.

The first day of the Farmer’s market was on Saturday although fresh produce is really limited at this time of year. Really you’ve just got spinach and salad greens as that is about all that can grow in the early spring up here. But it is like seeing old friends again as we’ve gotten to know several of the vendors.

And we got to plant some more annuals around the yard. I probably should have planted more given the weather conditions were ideal for planting. So we’ll be out next weekend buying some more to fill in the spaces.

The three owlets have all moved on. They may be in the trees nearby but as the trees fill with leaves, they can’t be seen if they are there. The last one was a few days behind the rest so he or she was still in the tree near the nest while the others were off learning how to be owls. But now the nest and tree are empty.

And we are in the middle of spring migration so we get some more colorful birds (like orioles) that only hang around here for a few weeks. It adds a little bit of fun to the day not knowing what you might see coming to a feeder. It looks like at least one pair of bluebirds is hanging around close enough to the house that they visit the feeders every day. This is new for us.

We also went out to eat both days. Saturday, we went to a pizza place we hadn’t been to since the pandemic. They were on the fringes of our Door Dash territory and the few times we ordered from there, the pizza needed to be reheated. Much better to get it right from the oven.

On Sunday, we tried a place we had used once or twice during the pandemic when we searched Door Dash for something new. They specialize in Latin American food (beyond Mexican) and so we got to try some new things and it was great.

So it was a weekend full of simple pleasures. I prefer that to sitting around and feeling terrible about all the crazy stuff going on right now.

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