Round Up of the Week that Was

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Technically, the week isn’t over but you get the point.

I got a text from someone who used to be on my team. She had accepted a new position within the organization and wanted to share. We had a nice little text chat. Kind of nice that even after that many years, she’d still want to share that kind of news with me. And it is good to see people have success.

Yesterday, the studio held a little informal meeting to discuss big dance events since a big crowd went to one last year and there appears to be more interest this year so OwnerGuy was giving the high points. I think he really wanted to stress that it isn’t just for those interested in competing. There are those who go for that. But there are those who just go to socialize and for the experience with a little dancing tossed in for good measure.

Mostly what was promised was non stop fun. He should have used a disclaimer that your personal experience may vary since there wasn’t a heck of a lot of fun at the first couple I attended. The last one was better and maybe it would be different with a large group from the same studio. That would likely change the dynamics.

He did also talk about meeting other people and that is certainly true. Even if you aren’t truly competing, there are advantages to being seen and having people remember your name. Of course, meeting new people isn’t something I’m good at. OK, let’s just be honest. I suck at it. If someone wants to chat with me, I can mostly hold my own (really by just letting them talk about whatever they feel like and interjecting every now and then). But trying to start a conversation with the awkward small talk – yeah not really in my wheelhouse.

He also mentioned the dinners and how one is typically themed so you can costume up if you like. And the other is supposedly a more formal type dinner. So am I the only one that doesn’t really get excited about stuff like that? I know it is supposed to be fun but I’m not a “dress up” kind of guy. I’m all about casual and comfortable. Putting on other stuff just doesn’t feel “real” to me.

Needless to say, I’m still conflicted. From what I’ve heard, the cost my be less than when I was a small party (or a party of one which happened twice). Might make it easier to justify. I mean it is a whole different world and that makes it kind of fun but it can also be very overwhelming. I know I should just make a decision and be done with it but I just keep mentally checking the plusses and minuses and there is no current clear winner.

And that’s how my week is ending. The good news is that our farmer’s market opens tomorrow. That’s something to look forward to.

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