Blast from the Past

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Last week, we had another coach in the studio. She ran the studio way back in the day when we first started taking lessons. Back then, OwnerGuy was just Teacher Guy. The last time I saw her was at one of the Big Dance Events which was also many years ago. Not as long as when we started but still in the past.

If this post had a soundtrack, I’m picturing “All Those Years Ago” by George Harrison. OK, I’m actually playing it in the background. I know that was his tribute to John Lennon which has absolutely nothing to do with my ballroom journey. It is really just the title and the vibe of looking backwards that I’m channeling.

Every so often, we drive past the old studio to get to a store in the same strip mall. The studio changed hands and moved to a different part of the mall. I can’t even tell you what is now there but there is no sign that a Famous Franchise studio was ever there. I’d like to sneak in and just see how much of it has changed but I only have some vague memories of what it looked like.

There’s one other student still active in the studio who was around back then. Can’t even tell you how many instructors and students I’ve crossed paths with over my dance journey. If my count is correct, I’ve had nine different instructors in all my years plus a few more who worked with us when my wife was dancing.

But that’s enough about the past. She helped us with the Viennese Waltz routine that needed and ending and needed some of the rough edges polished. Both tasks were accomplished so our routine is now a blend of three different visions which is a little odd but it seems to work well. We ran through it a couple of times on Friday to make what we learned on Wednesday sink in. Plenty of time before Showcase to shine it up a bit more.

At the end, after a brief chat with OwnerGuy, this coach joined the chorus doing the hard sell to get me to go to the next Big Dance Event. Still squarely on the fence on that one. I mean if it wasn’t for the cost and the travel and outfits, I’d be all for it.

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