Winter Fights Back

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Actually, we’d be in third winter right now.

So this type of meme is very popular. I think everyone likes to joke about the weather and the various head fakes between seasons.

I’ve been in places where the temperatures are basically the same for the entire year and the only question is whether it is going to rain or not. This time of year, the weather is kind of a random event. The cold air and warm air fight it out and the temperature ping pongs back and forth. You can have a week where you go from shorts to winter coats (we actually just did).

The cold air is eventually going to lose out but it won’t go down without a fight.

On Friday night, the weather app said we’d get snow but they gave more than an 80% chance that is was going to be “little to no accumulation”. Yeah, they missed that as we got up Saturday morning to see all the trees coated in snow. Well it was kind of a strange snow/sleet mixture but I still had to shovel my way to the bird feeders.

And we had temperatures drop below freezing killing off some of the daffodils that thought we were well into spring. Some of the magnolias had started to flower and I was joking with someone at the studio that just meant we were due for freezing conditions or a big storm to blow all the petals away. Magnolias really aren’t cut out for this type of weather.

The good news about third winter is that by this time of year, we have sufficient sunlight and the temperatures never remain below freezing for the entire day. In the dead of winter it is the combination of dark and cold that can really get to you. So the snow melted – except for the pile I created to get to the bird feeders and it is at least sunny even if you still need to dig out the heavier jacket to venture outside.

Of course, we are supposed to hit 75 on Wednesday before another front zooms through to drop temperatures again. But it is supposed to just knock temperatures back to “normal” for this time of year.

It is funny to talk about normal temperatures when things can vary so much. You’d seriously have to tell someone planning to visit to take the normal and add and subtract 20 degrees and be ready for anything in that range.

Yes, spring will eventually show up.

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