The Down Day

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Yesterday was that day. I’m not really sure why. It was grey with rain and colder temperatures than we’ve had before and that played a part. I did have things that needed to get done each of the three previous mornings which is more than I typically do since leaving the work world. Whatever the reasons, I just had no real desire to do much of anything yesterday so I decided that’s what I would do.

Every day we get more and more signs of spring. Some of the shrubs have started to leaf out and some are flowering. Daffodils are opening up everywhere. The color is returning to the world and it is a good thing.

We had really warm temps early in the week and the turtles were out in larger numbers taking advantage of anything they could climb on to get out in the sun. Amazing to think that just a few short weeks ago, the pond was completely iced over and they were just biding their time under the ice.

Our nesting pair of owls call to each other several times a day. Sometimes in the middle of the night which doesn’t really lead to restful sleep. We like to imagine that they are arguing over dinner – what she wants vs what he can catch.

The bluebirds have remained and we’ve now added a feeder with meal worms which seems to be their preferred food. And what’s another feeder given how many we currently have around the yard.

Now we move to the ballroom stuff.

Had a great coaching lesson on Wednesday working just on the Argentine Tango. I’ve said this before but every dance feels different with another partner and, for some reason, the Argentine Tango just wasn’t clicking like it had before. The coach made one of those small changes that make a big difference and it improved our connection which just made the dance feel so much better.

Did get a bit of a hard sell on going to a larger dance event later this year. I’ve been non committal because there is a small part of me that feels like it is time to try again. The rest of me is not yet convinced and reminds me of all the things I didn’t like about the ones I’ve been to.

To be fair, the circumstances have changed quite a bit and I can say that the last one I went to was the most fun simply because we had a bigger group. But I still toss over in my head what I would really get out of it and whether that benefit would exceed the cost.

Should I choose to go, PJ did put together a pretty extensive plan on what we’d be working on to get there. Part of me hates to say no given all the work she put into it. But then another part of me realizes that I need to go because I really want to and I’m just not there yet.

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