So, How Did it Go???

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It turned out that I was the only guy to wholly embrace the “Winter White” theme. But, as I said earlier, I already had a full white ensemble so it was easy for me. Except the shoes because I wasn’t going to shell out money for white dance shoes.

Also, and I guess I forgot this from last year, they did have someone there to judge and give critiques so we were wearing numbers like other events. These were hastily put together on peel and stick sheets but you still needed safety pins to keep them on. So we got numbered up and ready to dance.

One random observation I’ve made is that solo ladies dancing with a male instructor have a built in advantage over couples. The first heat was for the newcomers and it was one couple and one lady dancing with an instructor. See the instructor instantly finds the beat and knows how to lead. The guy in the couple was still finding his way. So they just stuck to real basic stuff while the instructor lead basic stuff but with a little extra flair.

Still, you have to give credit to anyone willing to dance in front of people especially knowing that a judge is looking on. I mean I guess that is the whole point of learning to dance because you aren’t dancing in private. But it takes a lot to get up that first time knowing everyone’s eyes are on you.

But that isn’t to say I don’t get nervous because there are always going to be some nerves while you wait for your turn. Once the music starts and you take the first move, all of that just goes away though. Even though it was just an in studio event, there is still that rush of dancing in front of an audience.

There were two other silver dancers on the floor with me. They are a couple who have scaled back a little bit since the virus. They still come to the bigger events but they are mostly geared towards competitions. They don’t come to group classes or parties and they take lessons at off hours so there were probably some students in the crowd who really didn’t know them.

That makes me a little different since I do come to some group classes and parties. People see and talk to me all the time. I think that is why I had a bit of a cheering section when I was dancing. Yes, I heard my name called many times. I did manage to look out in the audience from time to time. I’m bad at that. I’m kind of in my own little world when dancing. I mean I feed off the energy but I don’t look around to try and better involve people in what I’m doing. Probably something to work on.

Anyway, I would have to say that all eight dances went really well. The only hitch was at the end of the Viennese Waltz when it sounded like the guy was fading the song so I kind of slowed down and then he kept it going for a few more measures. At that point, we had already looped it so it was all good.

At the end of the night as we were all changing shoes and getting coats on, I did have one of the real new students say I was inspiring. And then another chimed in to say they all wanted to move like me. Guess it looks effortless when I’m out there. If you had told me after the first lesson that someday people would say things like that, I would have told you that you were crazy. It still feels a little surreal.

And the good news is that both the new Swing and new Viennese Waltz went well. Was a little concerned about how we’d get around with the V Waltz but it all worked just fine. Gives some confidence as we head towards Showcase in June.

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