Hello 2022

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We were in the zone between the snow to the north and thunderstorms to the south. It basically rained all day here and it got cold enough last night to put a dusting of snow on some things. The lights we put up in the bushes outside do look a little brighter when reflected by the snow.

And so the old calendars are gone and the new ones are up. Went shopping yesterday and the sad remnants of Christmas are next to the displays of exercise and organizing stuff. The shelves that held Christmas candy now have Valentine’s Day candy and even a bit of Easter. No better evidence that life moves on than our wonderful retail stores.

I’ve never subscribed to the belief that yesterday has any magic powers. It is really just another day. All through my Facebook feed were friends wishing everyone a happy new year and all that. Its a nice sentiment but it is unrealistic in a way since every year is going to be a mix of happy and sad moments.

Beyond that were the jokes about wanting 2021 to go away. Again, thinking that certain situations are going to magically improve just because we now increment the year by 1 is just setting yourself up for disappointment. I mean there was a whole lot of that as 2020 went away and I doubt we expected 2021 could be any worse and, in some way, it certainly was.

Sometimes, random song lyrics pop into my head. It could be the universe sending me a message or my brain just accessing something related to a topic I’m thinking about. In any case, my memory banks brought up Already Gone by the Eagles and specifically the lines “So often times in happens that we live our lives in chains. And we never even know we have the key.”

Being that we were just bombarded with Christmas music, I also dug up the John Lennon song. Again the line that resonated was “Let’s hope its a good one. Without any fear.”

A couple of months ago, I got a private message from someone who was on my team when I was the bossman. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was starting the treatment process. In early December, she chose to fully disclose it over social media. Within her powerful message has the thought that nobody is guaranteed anything beyond today.

We’ve spent the better part of two years living with the virus or maybe I should say living with the fear of the virus. For some, that has created a set of chains that will keep them from ever really living life to the fullest. Not saying we ignore the thing. But the best you can do is take steps to improve your health and immune system. Beyond that, it is out of our hands. We aren’t guaranteed anything beyond today. How many things got put off because of fear. How much of life wasn’t truly lived because of fear.

There’s another saying that I think goes something like “Its not the years in your life but the life in your years”. And a life lived in fear is no life at all. Yes, 2020 can be a better year but only if you truly understand that you have the keys to your own chains. Think of something you’ve always wanted to do but have been afraid to do. Then go do it.

Oh and try to be nicer to everyone because we’re all trying to find our way. More importantly, be nicer to yourself. That’s all I’ve got.

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