Short Take Wednesday

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Just a couple of notes because I’m not sure if I’ll post over the weekend. It all depends. Friday is typically our day to get the tree and decorate it and this is the last big weekend of college football. So I may not have topics jump into my head.

Had a bit of a strange day yesterday. Woke up with one of my headaches that typically takes 24 hours to resolve no matter what I take. This was one of those where I get a little nauseous as well.

And the studio had their Thanksgiving dinner part that night. I had ordered a pumpkin and pecan from a local service where we can by produce, meat, dairy and other things from local farmers and the like. Not sure what happened but I ended up with two of each. The original plan was to take one to the party and leave one for us but now I could take two to leave there.

Except I started to feel a little feverish. I even took a nap in the afternoon which is not something I normally do. Confirmed that I did have a fever so the only option was to skip the party and stay home. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and then I went to bed around 9PM. Had some hot and cold moments during the night but woke up this morning feeling just fine.

Have no idea what it was but glad it seems to have gone away.

I have decided to skip doing a full COVID update until early December. The CDC website was updated but they won’t be updating it over the weekend so some of the numbers are preliminary. With the Thanksgiving break, it will take time for things to settle down.

The trends continue to be the same. We continue to see a gradual rise in cases in most of the country. The exceptions are the Southeast which still seems to be looking for a bottom and a few other places. Got several states getting back near or above levels of the late summer/early fall Delta Wave.

Just for fun, here is my list of states from best to worst. This is based on the overall number of cases per million and the short and medium term trends.

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Alabama
  4. South Carolina
  5. Louisiana
  6. North Carolina
  7. Idaho
  8. Georgia
  9. Hawaii
  10. Texas
  11. Wyoming
  12. Mississippi
  13. Oregon
  14. Washington
  15. Montana
  16. Alaska
  17. DC
  18. Maryland
  19. Tennessee
  20. Virginia
  21. Nevada
  22. Oklahoma
  23. Arkansas
  24. Nebraska
  25. West Virginia
  26. Missouir
  27. Connecticut
  28. New York
  29. North Dakota
  30. Indiana
  31. Kansas
  32. New Jersey
  33. Utah
  34. Delaware
  35. Kentucky
  36. Iowa
  37. Vermont
  38. Illinois
  39. Rhode Island
  40. Pennsylvania
  41. Ohio
  42. Colorado,
  43. Arizona
  44. Massachusetts
  45. South Dakota
  46. New Mexico
  47. Maine
  48. Wisconsin
  49. Minnesota
  50. New Hampshire
  51. Michigan

And with that, I’ll call it a day. For all you in the US, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Ours will just be a quiet one with the two of us. I do miss having other family around but we’ll still have plenty to eat.

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