Tidbits for a Tuesday

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Where do we get a work like “tidbits” anyway.

There will be some ballroom stuff at the end. The rest is just some random things.

I know its been a couple of days but during football season, my attention is on other things and that sometimes doesn’t leave time for doing these posts.

We had our first measurable snow this weekend and cold temperatures to go with it. Didn’t really amount to much but it was enough to cover some surfaces.

And right on schedule, we saw the first Junco this weekend picking through the snow looking for seed. A sure sign that winter is approaching. The funny thing about Juncos is they live much farther north and this is where they choose to spend the winter.

And naturally, the weather warmed up and it was sunny and in the 50’s today. I suppose lots of places say this but weather in the Midwest often seems like a random event.

It did give me an opportunity to put up the Christmas lights. Well, I don’t really put them up. It is more like draping them over the various bushes that are close to the house. Won’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving but it is always best to get them put up before it gets too cold.

I do have to go buy a couple more strings. We always lose some over the winter. It would make sense to just buy some new ones at the end of the season but it always seems like they sell out before they go on sale.

We spotted the owl again this weekend. Enough leaves had fallen to reveal the branch he likes to use as his daytime resting spot. Owls are cool. I like having them around the house.

We were working on swing with the second coach a week ago and PJ made a comment about one of the critiques (it was positive) and he jumped in and said “I wrote that”. Nice to know I made an impression with part of the swing.

Our Hustle routine got better marks than the Tango which is fine. It turns out that the score we got from the coach we were working with was the highest he gave during the day. He gave a couple of routines that same score but nothing higher.

Friday, I showed up for my lesson and group class was still going on. They were one guy short and one of the ladies was trying to lead. So I suddenly had people calling for me to jump in. Fortunately, OwnerGuy was more focused on technique so it was a very simple pattern which made it easy to join the group.

We did start working on a new routine. The short version will be done at the Showstoppers in mid December. Then, we can grow it into a longer routine for the next Showcase.

Can’t believe I was ready to walk away and now I’m already thinking about the next Showcase.

And I’ll just leave it here.

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