Good Start to a New Month

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No it doesn’t look like that here right now.

September was kind of the month that didn’t happen. I mean it did happen but losing the first two weeks to COVID kind of shortened the month. The good news is that we are both back to being almost fully functional. I got in my typical three dance lessons and found time to work out four days last week. Felt good to get back to it.

We also took a walk yesterday because the weather has been really nice. Our luck ran out today since it is rainy and colder than its been.

But that’s what you expect from October around here. The days continue to get shorter which I now notice driving to my lessons. About a week ago, it seems like some internal clocks went off in the trees and more are changing every day. October gives more hints of what is to come and we sometimes get snow although it really never amounts to much.

We’ve also entered the holiday time. Halloween at the end of this month and then Thanksgiving and Christmas to finish the year. I know we had Labor Day in September but the three day weekend holidays aren’t the same. Last year, we had no kids for Halloween. We don’t get a lot in general just because our neighborhood is a little isolated. Guess we’ll see what happens this year.

I went to group class last night. It was a technique class on Bolero. I went because I like doing Bolero so it was an opportunity. Might not have been the best call since some of the focus was on the lowering action and my knees don’t like to lower.

I’ve mentioned that we have a significant number of younger (<30) people in the studio. Don’t know if ballroom suddenly became cool in that age group of if it is just a random thing. The downside to that is watching the young knees do things that mine just can’t.

Anyway, the lesson was focused on our smooth dances. We started with the Tango to practice what the coach taught us and then we went through Waltz, Fox Trot and Viennese Waltz. Some minor issues in the Waltz and Viennese Waltz but all four dances were solid and maybe the strongest I’ve done in awhile.

Which seemed odd because I did lose two weeks and it has been a bit since we’ve done some of those dances. Maybe the group class was a good thing. I’m still working on building some stamina and I was little tired after the group. That might have kept me from thinking too much about the dances. Turn off the brain and just dance and the body takes over since it knows what to do.

I will say it was nice to have a lesson where everything just seemed to fall into place. Nothing better than when you do a clean run. And when all four are clean, its a great day.

Good start to the month.

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