Getting Back into the Routine

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So its been quite a month. Can’t believe it is almost over. Two weeks of isolation due to COVID kind of destroys the month. And last week was weird with a day trip to Michigan on Tuesday and shuffling lessons for a variety of reasons.

This week is now looking more like normal. Back to my usual lesson days and times. Plus, I’ve been able to work out every day this week which was something I really couldn’t do much of with the COVID. It feels good to get back to it although I’m feeling the weeks of inactivity because I’ve got some soreness in various parts.

Last night, we focused on the “off dances” so it was a Hustle/West Coast Swing/Argentine Tango night. We do have a little West Coast Swing which I’m still trying to get down. There is one particular step that I think OwnerGuy hasn’t explained completely. But we had a video so we could watch what he did and try to emulate it.

The Hustle came back without a lot of a problems. There was one step that was a little foggy but we got it down. Even managed to loop it and danced it to music at the end of the lesson. All in all, it was a successful lesson.

Now things aren’t totally back to “normal”. I still have a bit of a lingering cough. It is slowly getting better but I’ve decided to skip group classes and parties for a bit. Not that I think I’m super contagious anymore but I really don’t want to break into a coughing fit during a group class or party. I might go to group on Friday which would be about a month since my symptoms started. Plus it will be a new month.

And, there is still an issue I’m dealing with. Yes, I’m enjoying my lessons and ballroom is still fun. But it just isn’t lighting me up like it used to. Maybe I do need the group classes to round out the experience. Last night, the floor was full for group class and you can just see how much fun people are having.

But I look at the floor and it is all people I don’t know that well. I’ve said this before but I can’t help sometimes feeling like that guy who has just been there forever and like I should be moving on. It is great to see the studio exploding with all the new people because it does create a lot of positive energy and vibes. It is just that I feel like I’m a lot more a part of the past than the future. Just something I need to keep dealing with.

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