Back in the Saddle

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Last weekend was a Showcase in a nearby town. The original plan was for me to attend but I actually cancelled before coming down with the plague so it all worked out. Since it is a relatively short hop down here, the coaches were going to be in studio for coaching lessons and I had signed up to work with one on Tuesday. The original plan would have been to continue some of the things OwnerGuy had just started to work on with us.

Of course, life and the plague got in the way. I need to make a day trip to close out the last of my Dad’s assets and do a final distribution to the four of us. That was originally scheduled for last week when I would have been just at the ten day window to come out of isolation. But it was also the only day I could get scheduled for the antibody treatment and so we had to postpone. The best day was tomorrow so that meant the coaching lesson was out.

Had to call PJ last week with the news. She talked me into working with the other coach this afternoon as there was one remaining slot. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure but I have a hard time saying “no” so I agreed to do it.

Turns out to have been well worth the effort. We were warming up with some Waltz but decided to let her look at the Tango since we haven’t had anyone look at that in a bit. And she started by just changing how we get into frame and our actual position while in frame. Shall we just say there’s a lot of twisting involved and, and first, it felt like one of those races where you have a foot tied to another person and are left wondering how you are supposed to move.

Shockingly, the movement was actually a little more natural once you got used to being attached and walking through each others legs. She made several other suggestions and we tried various parts of the pattern in the new style with good results.

But I will freely admit to feeling the impact of not really doing anything the last two weeks. The plague is mostly gone but it has left a lingering dry cough which pops up from time to time. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with activity but I never had to run off the floor to go into a coughing fit. I consider that a small victory.

I’ve got my normal lesson scheduled for Wednesday and we’ll continue to practice these techniques. Think I will take another week before going back for a group class though. Got to work back into it slowly.

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