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So who knew that a “mild” case could still take two weeks to clear? I have been feeling closer to normal the last couple of days. At least the digestive stuff has calmed down enough for me to actually want to eat something. And I’ve been able to sleep through the night for a few days in a row all of which is making me feel much more human than I did for most of the last two weeks.

Even when you know that the disease has a 99% survival rate, it is hard to push all the negative thoughts totally out of your mind. I read something that suggested a significant number of those hospitalized now would have “mild” cases. Of course, “mild” can include cases with breathing difficulties so I can understand that.

But I can also see why people might want to be in a hospital. There is something weird about just sitting at home ticking off the days and hoping that you feel better with each new day. There is just such a lack of information on how cases progress so it is hard to tell if you are out of the woods or not. At least if you are in a hospital, there are people coming to check on you periodically and that’s better than the feeling of isolation as you sit in your house waiting to see what is going to happen.

Luckily, I qualified for the antibody treatment and was able to get it and that has helped a great deal. My wife has no risk factors so she didn’t make the cut and has been left to fight it out without additional help. She did get to a doctor the other day and they listened to her lungs and said it was all good and that she was in a good place for the number of days she’s had symptoms although it doesn’t help when you want the thing to just go away.

I really feel like there have been some real failures to deal with this. We put the majority of the eggs in the vaccine basket and got a less than perfect solution. The options for actually treating are limited. I get that it is probably a tricky thing to deal with but you would think that in the 18 months since things got started, that there would have been more research into looking at options for things that could help you clear the virus faster.

Two weeks ago, my original plan was to try for a dance lesson tonight but that’s gone out the window. I’m supposed to have something on Monday but it will depend on this cough. Right now, it is kind of a random thing and not really triggered by activity but I have no idea what might happen on a lesson.

Yeah, my September hasn’t been a great deal of fun so far. Of course, it certainly could have turned out a whole lot worse.

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