Late in the Summer

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Hard to believe we just ten days left in August. Well, it isn’t hard to believe if you go outside since we are having some very hot days recently. A couple of weeks ago, we were seeing some trees where the leaves had changed but I read that could just be due to water/temperature stress which seems to be the case. Still, we will start to see more as we move into September.

The funny thing is that the first weeks after Labor Day can be nicer than the first weeks in June but I think when we get out of August, we just mentally close the door on summer. Well at least we do here where we’ve got the four seasons. I did spend a few years in Florida so I know that it can still feel like summer much later into the year.

I’m a spring/summer person. Summer just feels like freedom to me. I like being able to just go walk down to the mailbox without having to worry about how many layers to wear or the fear of slipping on a rogue patch of ice and cracking my head open. (Been there, don’t want to go back).

Since I no longer work, I can live in shorts and t-shirts – except for dance lessons because ballroom in shorts just isn’t a thing. I’ve seen guys try to pull it off and it doesn’t work. Many years ago, we spent a week in Bermuda where shorts with long dress socks and shoes was common. I suppose if you’ve grown up with that look, you get used to it but it is a hard thing to pull off.

I like listening to the bugs at night. Something about the noise that is comforting. Just a reminder that the whole world is alive. I’ll admit that there is something peaceful about the quiet during a snowfall since the snow seems to dampen noise but that doesn’t last. Give me a warm sky full of fireflies and the sounds of the crickets, katydids and cicadas any time.

There are times when the heat and humidity is too much and it is hard to spend a lot of time outdoors. But if you have a breeze, sitting the shade and watching the world go by can be a real pleasure.

We still have hummingbirds around although the females seem to be more numerous than the males. That happens. The males show up first and leave first. They’ll be around for a bit longer and one day we’ll just notice that we haven’t seen one in a week or so. Same as the Turkey Vultures that soar overhead. One day, they just won’t be there.

I’m curious to see if the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks make a return visit as they migrate south. We do sometimes see the warblers on their southern migration. The migrating fall birds aren’t as pretty as they are in the spring – like they put away the brightly colored stuff until the next season. The goldfinches do the same and one day the males will go from bright yellow to a drab pale yellow.

There are times I want to be like the birds and just get out of here for the winter. Find a place where summer lasts longer and not have to deal with the cold, ice and grey of winter.

To be fair, there are good things about all the seasons. I know many people prefer cool fall mornings to the heat of summer. Also, since I don’t work and don’t really have to venture out that much in the winter, it is a little easier to take. Does make getting to those dance lessons a little harder.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which season you prefer. If you live in a place where the weather changes, you have no choice in the matter. Summer will end and fall will take over. And then fall will change to winter which will eventually change to spring and then back to summer. You just enjoy what you can for as long as you have it.


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