Party On Dudes!

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An update on the ballroom week that was. I had told OwnerGuy I was going to start coming to parties once they no longer required masks but I had kind of let that slip for a bit. After my lesson on Wednesday, I was talking with some of the other students and they started giving me some grief about not attending parties.

I had pretty much decided to go to the next one but this made it a no-brainer. When I showed up, there was a bit of early confusion – PJ thought I might have gotten my calendar messed up. But there was general happiness as well. Maybe a bit of shock as well.

The next day I got several comments from people saying they couldn’t believe I came to party. Which just now means I have to attend more frequently.

It was fun. I got grabbed a couple of times for specific dances. That just reinforces the point that if you are a guy and know how to dance, you’re dance card will never be empty.

And I guess they like to have a few advanced dancers show up from time to time. Did a Tango with PJ and she told me later that a couple of hers saw it and wanted to do Tango. Will admit our Tango is pretty cool but still dealing with the weirdness of being some kind of inspiration.

Anyway, it was nice to just dance. With the grind of lessons and trying to get things down, you always need to remember that dancing is fun. The party was a good reminder of that for me.

But your instructor will be all over you to get on the correct timing!

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