Time for a Non Serious Moment

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Sometimes, you are just in the mood to do something different. Or in this case, write something different. There are just times when you just need to toss aside the serious stuff and do something silly and fun.

With that intro, I present a semi-serious review of Salted Caramel Brownie Oreo’s!!!!!!

Just to show you this is a real thing.

To quote the Oreo website, “these chocolate wafer cookies are topped with salt and filled with 2 layers of salted caramel brownie flavored OREO creme. Not for truth in labeling, they have to use the word “creme” and tell you that it is “flavored”. Also, according to the website, you can forget measuring, mixing, baking and waiting. These cookies can be enjoyed right away!!!

Before we get there, I need to set the stage a bit. We rarely had Oreo’s in the house. Dad would not buy frivolous things like that unless (a) it was on sale and (b) they had a coupon. Mom was big into baking and her cookies were much better but, due to the power of advertising, we would descend on the OREO’s like a plague of locusts. And it always ended the same way – with Mom grumbling about how fast they went and vowing to never buy them again.

Side bar 1 – There are three generally accepted ways to eat an OREO. One is to just eat them although it is a little weird to do that. The second method is to separate them and hope for an undisturbed creme layer which you then ate first followed by the cookies. The third method involved milk and walking on the edge of leaving them in just long enough to get soggy but not to fall apart leaving a chunk of OREO in the bottom of your milk glass.

Side bar 2 – Back in the day, there were also Hydrox cookies which sometimes made an appearance in our house – depended on the sale and/or coupon. They actually came before Oreo’s but you wouldn’t know that now since Oreo out spent them. I remember the filling being sweeter and that they didn’t separate as well. I think they may have been slightly better but were doomed against the juggernaut that Oreo’s became.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when all you had were regular OREO’s. The introduction of Double Stuff was a big deal. These days, they seem to roll out new flavors every couple of months. I think it is a sign of a trend about to die when it makes it to a package of OREO’s.

Normally, I pass them all by. Sometimes, they do something that just jumps out at me like this one and it just begs to be tried.

Makes me wonder about those food scientists working for whatever company now owns the OREO business. What do you do for a living? Well I come up with new OREO flavors. Actually sounds pretty cool. I wonder how many tries it takes to get something down. Do they run new flavors like we used to run projects? I imagine a group of people in a meeting room building a timeline to launch a new flavor. Like how do you guess how long it is going to take to come up with something resembling salted caramel brownie?

Anyway, back to the cookie. I will give the developers credit because the salt on the outside of the cookie tends to stay in place. It isn’t like a bag of pretzels where you end up with a layer of salt at the bottom because every time you move the bag, the pretzels just start shedding their salt.

Sadly, it doesn’t work.

The package shows a brownie with a layer of salted caramel on top. In that combination, the salt is a compliment. Something about biting into a soft item that allow the salt to mingle a bit better so you get the sweet of the caramel with the contrast of the salt. Here, they’ve just put the salt on top so it is the first note you get and it is a little jarring – like it really doesn’t belong.

While the creme is colored to represent caramel and brownie layers, neither taste comes through. There is no distinct caramel taste which you’d need to offset the salt. And brownies have a distinctive taste that is also lacking. I get they said “flavored” but they just didn’t do enough to match either flavor.

It becomes even more of a problem if you attempt to eat it in the ways described above. The creme lacks flavor and if you eat that first, you are left with two salty cookies and that just makes the salt stand out even more. Dunking is not an option. They don’t hold together – something about the dual creme layers creates a natural separate. Plus, at the end, you are left with salted milk and that’s something nobody wants.

Sorry OREO but this was a big miss.

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