When Things Get Fixed

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To continue the story of the air conditioner, it was clear by Sunday that something was wrong and that repairs had to be initiated. Sometimes the stars align because it was almost like I had that Easy button. Called first thing (because I’m still an early riser) and spoke to a very pleasant person who took my information and said she could send a tech out that afternoon. In a nod to COVID, she did have to ask if any of us had been quarantined or exposed in the last 14 days (nope) and if we wanted the technician to wear a mask (again nope – not going to subject someone to that)

We must have been first on the list because, shortly after noon, I got a text and a call saying someone was on the way. I guess in a bid to make you feel comfortable, the text also included a link to a little bio on the guy with a photo and how long he had been with the company. He showed up and I told him what was going on and he said he was pretty sure he knew what it was. About 40 minutes later, he had replaced a capacitor and everything was functional again.

Of course, I’ve been looking outside every now and then to make sure the fan is still running. Can’t help myself.

But it is just nice when something goes so smoothly.

It also got me to thinking about how spoiled some of us are. You spend most of your day indoors and if you need to go somewhere, just hop in the car, crank the AC and off you go. All the stores have AC as well. So you just get brief exposure to the heat and humidity.

We have a living history place in town and I actually watch a couple of things on You Tube from places that show what life was like way back in the day. I find this stuff to be fascinated. I always try to picture what it would have been like. Certainly no Easy button. And you were probably outside all day in the elements and could only hope that the night would be cool. Or maybe you just lived with it because what choice did you really have?

We went for a little walk after dinner. There was rain in the area and we saw a rainbow as we drove. Thought it was a nice cap to the day. Rainbows just make me happy. On our walk, we saw a deer. They are brown and everything around them is green but they can just be so still that you can overlook them. We watched her and she watched us as we walked by. Just another small thing that made it a good day.

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