When Things Break

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So I remember a commercial with an “EASY” button. I don’t remember the whole point of the commercial but I’m thinking a button like that would be perfect. Got something around the house that breaks – just press the “EASY” button and it gets taken care of. No work required.

I’ve decided this is the part of adulthood I could without. As a kid, you’d be aware when stuff broke but it wasn’t your problem to get it fixed. That was for Mom and Dad to deal with. Now, if you don’t take action, it remains broken and useless.

I woke up very early on Friday morning and had one of those feeling when you just sense something is wrong. Turns out the AC was malfunctioning. The temperature and humidity were both rising fast. And, at that time of day, there is really nothing you can do. I mean I could have called the emergency number and gotten the tech on call to come out but we aren’t in the middle of heat wave so I decided that would be a bit extreme.

But then all the thoughts go through your head. How fast are they going to be able to get here? What is the weather going to be like tomorrow? What happens if it isn’t an easy fix and you get the dreaded “I’ll have to order the part – should only take a day or two”. Or even worse, “well we really need to replace the whole system”. Then what about going to a hotel to sleep. Is it worth it? On and on with the questions.

The good news is that apparently this was something you could fix but just shutting down the system for a bit because when I got up the next morning and turned it back on, everything was just fine. Little did I know that it was really just lulling me into a false sense of security.

Just a bit ago, the system came on and the outside unit was making more noise than usual. This is also what happened before the system shut down earlier. Fortunately, it again was “fixed” with a small shut off as things seem to be working fine right now.

Except I know they aren’t. I have a feeling that outside unit is a ticking time bomb just waiting for it to get really hot again to just completely quit. Which means I just need to get it to Monday and then call someone to come out. Then, I’ll try to explain it and it probably won’t make any sense and it will probably all look fine to him before it decides to stop working all together – mostly likely late on a Friday evening.

Or maybe it will all be fine. I just hate this zone of uncertainty when something that is supposed to work isn’t working quite right. Hard to totally relax until I know there isn’t an issue.

Why can’t we have the “EASY” button. I really don’t want to have to deal with stuff like this.

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