Life in the Slow Lane

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Right off the top, let’s just allow that the quote above does not refer to my ballroom dancing hobby. That is never considered boring by anyone. As I’ve said before, the most common response is always “Oh, I’ve always wanted to try that”. So I guess that makes me interesting.

It is when you get beyond that and start asking what I do in the hours that I’m not dancing that this quote takes on some meaning. I could explain to you what I do with some of my time but it would really make me look like a geek. Which is why I’ve had gaps in my writing lately – there is no way to make some of what I do appear interesting. But I accept this about myself.

I do like to read and, when I can, I try to unwind at night by reading a bit. If we ever stopped getting the rain and/or heat and humidity, I’d probably start reading outside again. Nothing more relaxing than sitting the shade with a good book. Or in my case, an e-book. Never really thought I’d get away from physical books but I’m fully on board with the electronic version.

And we do still try to take a walk each day – when the rain isn’t around. On some of the nights when I don’t dance, we’ve gone to two walks a day. Now I really need to get a dog. Have been waiting for awhile just because it is so hard to lose them but the house is really empty without one. And it would be more encouragement to walk which is a good thing.

We had talked about going somewhere this summer but I don’t know if that will work out. We aren’t flying anywhere anytime soon and, if we are going to drive, I probably need to look into replacing my car. It still works just fine but with over 125000 miles on it, I do worry about something going wrong and that would kill a vacation right quick.

Also, we are getting a new roof. Actually heard from the roofer before the insurance company but they’ve accepted the claim so we have to start that process. Not that I want to be around to hear all the hammering but I think it would be best and until we know when that can start, it is hard to plan any type of trip.

Well that’s really all I’ve got to say. I’ve got a double lesson tonight which probably means more hustle but maybe something else tossed in. Depends on if OwnerGuy is going to make an appearance. I am actually considering going to the party on Thursday – I’ll let you know. That might actually be something to talk about.

That’s it. I’m not boring. I just appreciate the small stuff!

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