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I’ve been a little inconsistent lately. A couple of weeks ago, I had a bunch of posts. Last week, not so much. Just didn’t have a lot to say.

Started in doing some hustle on my last couple of dance lessons. If I do ever start going to parties, I know they play a boatload of hustles so it would be nice to have some new moves. Plus, there’s a lot of good hustle music and I think it was time to introduce something new.

I got signed up for a coaching lesson in a couple of weeks. I probably should have stood my ground a little more. Nothing against this coach. Already worked with him once this year but I don’t know that I want to spend another lesson refining the hustle routine. Sometimes, I’m probably too much of a pushover.

We had a big hailstorm come through last weekend. Was planning on replacing the roof this year because of damage from past hail and wind but now I have to work through the insurance company. Started off good but has slowed to a crawl recently.

This is the part of being an adult that I still don’t like. I want to just press a button and have the problem solved. I don’t like having to get in contact with the insurance agent to see where we are and then deal with the roofer and getting it scheduled. Why can’t the roof just get fixed without any real involvement from me? These are the days when I wish I had a full time executive assistant.

They say April showers bring May flowers. Well June hail brings out the roofers. (I know it doesn’t rhyme) Have already had three show up at more door and the signs are sprouting up in neighbor’s lawns like dandelions. Some of their roofs didn’t look that bad but if you can get an insurance company to pay for a significant portion of it, I guess you just go for it.

We went out to dinner tonight because I was tired of doing Door Dash. Other than the trips to where Dad was, we’ve gone out four times in the last year and I just wanted to eat something fresh from the kitchen. Maybe I was getting a little tired of the all the extra packaging. It was nice to see food in the form the chef intended – on a plate.

Dealing with the traffic to and from the restaurant and the loud talkers two tables away, I started to realize that going out maybe wasn’t that much better than eating in. My wife is all about the delivery. We’ll see where we go from here.

I don’t know how much of the population is masked in various places. I’d guess we are about 80% unmasked – maybe higher. At this point, I feel sorry for those who are so gripped by fear that they can’t go out in public without a mask – especially if they’ve already been vaccinated. Not because I don’t take ‘rona seriously but because the risk right now is essentially zero given the case load.

The testing site set up near a hospital I drive by all the time has come down. I guess the demand is way down so there is no need for a special set up. Masks and hand sanitizers are marked way down and disappearing from the stores. We are going to an outdoor concert on Friday where they just put more tickets on sale because they are increasing capacity. With all things getting close to pre-pandemic days, I suspect there will still be a segment that may never get rid of their masks.

I’ll just close with the numbers from last week. We actually had newly reported cases go up from 85,829 to 88,422. Is it cause for alarm? No, because the rate of positives remained below 2% and we are never getting to zero so a lot of what was detected would be false positives. For perspective, at this time last year, the sun belt wave was getting cranked up and positives had jumped from 4.2% to 4.6% to 5.7% over the last three weeks of June. With similar testing numbers, we had 255,686 new positives over this week last year so we are way down from that.

That’s all the rambling I’ve got for now. As I said, there wasn’t much happening this week so I haven’t had a lot to say.

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