Potential Wrench in the Showcase Plans

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So we have a very major potential snag in my Showcase plans. I suppose I should have thought of this before because the studio has not gone fully mask free. Plus, I believe Famous Franchise corporate is still encouraging conservative behavior at their sponsored events. And, I see posts from one of the studios planning to attend and they still seem to be fully masked all the time.

Yes, it is the dreaded mask mandate.

And it finally dawned on me that I need to get this confirmed before I fork over any amount of money. PJ doesn’t have all the details which isn’t a shock because OwnerGuy doesn’t seem to like to communicate these things. She believes no mask would be required for a solo but is unclear on heats and/or the general seating area.

Now, I’ve done events in a mask before so you might be wondering what the problem is. First, the various in-studio events were limited in time. Secondly, my participation was limited. At two, all I did was a solo and one dance is a mask is a pain but doable. At medal ball, I had to do a full round of smooth and that was a problem.

All I know is that I was sucking air after doing three of the four dances and trying to catch my breath before doing the Viennese was not pleasant. So I can’t even imagine the thought of having to do multiple rounds over the course of a day.

And it goes beyond that. Masks get sweaty with activity and the thought of sitting around all day wearing something like that is beyond disgusting. Not to mention totally unsanitary. So it is either spend all day out in the hall or bring a crap ton of masks to change periodically.

But, for me, there is a larger issue than comfort and breathing. Well, breathing is a pretty big issue so for sure this is larger than comfort. I’m tired of mask theater. If you could find compelling and consistent evidence that masks really do reduce the spread, I’d think differently. I haven’t been able to find that – only recommendations that aren’t really backed by convincing studies.

And, it bothers me that so much fear has been pumped into the system and that so many people overestimate both their chances of getting the virus and their chances of having a bad outcome. To me, masks provide the illusion of safety without actually provide a significant impact. Understand many will not agree but just know I have not come to this conclusion without doing some homework.

There are two other things that have to be considered. One is the vaccines which are going around. It took the CDC long enough to say what they should have said right away, but if you are vaccinated, you are about as protected as you are going to be. It isn’t 100% – even the trials said that but it certainly reduces your risk of contracting the virus. To me, that means it shouldn’t matter what anyone else does.

Then there is the general prevalence of the disease. The WHO made some comments about risk based approaches. Based on current data, the number of cases in my state is almost 90% lower than it was at the peak of the wave and has been falling for several weeks. Again, to me, if the prevalence is this low, the risk of actually being around someone who is infected is very low (especially if those who feel sick stay home). We just don’t need the same level of caution we did in the fall.

Yes, it would be easiest to just suck it up and deal with the discomfort because some are just not yet over the worst of the fear. At the risk of sounding insensitive, at some point mask mandates are going away and people are going to need to adjust to the reality of seeing significant numbers of whole faces again. I have no problem with someone still wearing a mask if it makes them feel more secure. I’m am starting to have big problems with people telling me I need to because it makes someone else feel more secure.

So there’s my rant. I know many people will not agree with me and that is fine.

Again, I’m just tired of the theater and pretending that these things are really doing anything. I’m not the type who is going to openly defy this type of order because I don’t want to put OwnerGuy in a bad position.

If masks are required for heats, then it leaves me with a couple of options. One would be to just do the solos. That way, I wouldn’t have wasted all the time, effort and money that has gone into them. The challenge would be finding a way to entertain myself during the heats because I’m not sitting around all day wearing a mask. The second option is to just sit this one and wait until the mask hysteria is over. I have a feeling that is how it is going to go.

Yes and unfortunately I think our news media and so called experts have encouraged the anxiety to a point where it may almost be impossible for some to ever feel “safe” again.

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