New Party, Old Faces

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So how was the party you might be asking. Or maybe you aren’t asking. Either way, I’m going to tell you. To be honest, it was much more fun than I expected. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting to have fun but that’s kind of where I was going in. Maybe it was just the opportunity to dance without really worrying about trying to execute a certain step in a certain way.

Also saw some familiar faces who came to say good bye so it was nice to reconnect. It felt a little like the good old days. Except for the masks and the constant reminders to sanitize between partners. Dancing in the time of Covid is certainly different.

I didn’t feel especially at risk even though the floor was crowded. We are in an area where they’ve allowed for larger crowds because the number of new cases has been dropping quite a bit. I know the studio is being conservative while still trying to provide the same type of experience that they did in pre-virus times. So I don’t have any issues with how things were run.

I did have another lesson on Friday night meaning I was at the studio for four nights in a row which also felt a lot like the good old days. I’m going to try an extra day a week for a bit and see how it goes. It gives us two days to focus on medalist stuff and then a day to make sure the routines stay fresh which is important for Showcase in June. Sounds like it is a long time in the future but I know that time goes quickly.

We did the Tango and had to bring OwnerGuy out to fix one area but, overall, I was happy with where it sits right now given that we do have several months to keep refining it.

So the party was great and Friday’s lesson was successful. Some days ballroom drives me crazy. Some days I get reminders of why I stick with it.

Random non-ballroom note to end things. The three legged deer seems to have move on. We don’t see him anywhere in the woods behind the house. The snow is basically gone and the temperatures have warmed up so I guess he no longer needs the easy source of food and has decided to go back to foraging like a normal deer. Near the house is a big stretch of woods with a creek and likely lots of natural food sources. This is what happened last year as well so I guess we’ve helped him make it through two winters. Guess we’ll see what happens in the future.

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