Snow Melt

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Getting a Little Ahead of Myself

A fresh snowfall is pretty. And more so when it is a big snowfall like we had last week. There’s just something about seeing the world covered in white. Before the machinery starts to remove it, a fresh snowfall is quiet and peaceful. Even someone like me who is not a fan of winter has to admit this.

Of course the beauty doesn’t last. Plows roar through spreading salt and the cars that come after turn the fresh, white snow into dirty slush. Then the plows pile that up into ridges and hills that are far from attractive. Snow wears out its welcome really fast and you can’t wait for the day it is finally gone.

Our deep freeze seems to be over for now as temperatures have climbed above freezing and have started the process of removing the snow. It will take more than a couple of days to get rid of the bigger piles so we live with an ugly world for a bit which just makes me long for the spring even more. Give me the green and flowers over the dirty snow anytime.

I do know that spring is not right around the corner but getting out of the cold has brightened my mood a bit. The increasing daylight helps and the birds seem to be singing more. I am waiting to hear the red winged blackbird or see a vulture soaring overhead as those would be signs that nature believes winter is almost over. The goldfinches are still in their winter drab colors so that is another sign to watch for.

The raccoons have started to come out more. When it was bitter cold, they stayed out of sight but now they are looking for food. The deck they live under isn’t a perfect shelter because the snow melts through and they come out looking wet and in serious need of a towel or blow dry. At first, they didn’t like walking through the deep snow but it has melted enough for them to feel more comfortable.

When the snow was at its deepest, we did try to feed the three legged deer a little more. We could see him eating the bushes he could get to but was clearly at a disadvantage by not being able to dig into the snow. Which also presented a problem when the corn would sink into the snow. It has melted enough that he was able to find some corn presents that had previously been buried. I will say this deer is a survivor – we watched him chase off some others that were trying to see what he was eating. He’s no match for another male with antlers but he can chase away the yearlings. We assume he will move on in the spring as he did last year when food is more plentiful and easier to find.

Winter may still some fight left but with no snow in the forecast and high temperatures set to be above freezing for the next several days, it does feel like we’ve made it through the rough patch. Winter came hard but we took the blows and are still standing. Soon it will be gone.

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