The Iceman Cometh

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I didn’t mention this but the predicted snow kind of fizzled here. I know other parts of the country saw significant snow. We got a couple of inches that was easily cleared and we managed to get out on Sunday and do a few things.

But it looks like February is trying to make up for what January failed to deliver. My weather app keeps popping up windows showing expected snow accumulations as little systems come in and drop just enough to be a nuisance. Plus everything is going into the deep freezer for most of next week.

Yesterday, we weren’t supposed to get much of anything but we got the worst thing winter can deal out – wet snow/sleet/ice followed by a deep freeze to solidify the ice everywhere. It stayed warm enough so that well traveled roads didn’t freeze – the line of cars heading to work this morning moved freely.

My driveway, though, is not heavily traveled. I did put some ice melt stuff down last night as the wet snow started but it wasn’t enough to prevent a thin layer from forming. And, with ice, it doesn’t take much to make life difficult. I’ve mentioned before that my driveway is downhill and ice and hills are not a good combination.

Snow can be shoveled. Ice just sits there laughing at you. Sometimes, it can be chipped away but when it is this combination of snow that melts and freezes, it creates uneven surfaces and clings to the driveway. All I can hope for is the second round of ice melt and the sun we currently have to break it up. It should work because the sun has power over the ice even when it is cold.

Last night, the wind was up as well as the front moved through. Pretty sure the wind helped to create the ice rink the currently sits over my driveway. And it brought with it the cold air that will sit over us for some time. February does seem to want to remind us that winter is far from over around here.

I do think about all the wildlife that lives around us and how tough the cold can be. The birds all fluff up their feathers – capturing air to keep warm – but it makes them look like little puff balls at times. And I need the ice to melt so I can get to some of the feeders to keep them full.

There were a few deer trying to stay warm in the woods behind our house. We don’t have deep snow cover so they can still find things to eat. The raccoons that live near us were out yesterday sitting under one of the bird feeders waiting for scraps so I did toss down some food for them. I know nature encourages large litters under the assumption that few will make it to adulthood but our raccoons must have had a very late litter because some of the ones we see are so tiny. Not baby size but nowhere near fully grown. And they didn’t get a chance to really pack on the weight. I feel sorry for them trying to huddle together against the cold.

According to the weather, we have a chance for some snow Saturday night and then again on Monday night. Which is also why the ice needs to go away. Snow on top of ice is not a winning combination.

All that matters though is that every day does bring us closer to spring.

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