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It looks like we are in for our first major snow storm of the season. I know it has snowed a lot in some places but it seems like the storms either go north or south of us. Like some force field just keeps deflecting the snow. And, we aren’t supposed to get the worst of it since that is going to go north. We are only under a “winter weather advisory” while the counties to the north are under a “winter storm warning”.

Which is really just a limitation of having to do watches and warnings county wide. I mean we’re just about a mile south of the county line so it is hard to believe that storms are going to respect county borders. Just means they don’t know the exact track and that the amount of snow is likely going to be highest in a band that we aren’t in right now. I’ve been waiting all afternoon for the weather apps to send out the alarm notice telling us we are in the winter storm area but that hasn’t happened.

But we are still supposed to get several inches which will shut things down for a bit. I’m a noted hater of winter and cold. I can’t deny that. Although, there is still something about being inside and watching the snow fall and pile up when you don’t have to be anywhere. When it is fresh, the snow does cover up the browns and it is pretty to look at for a bit.

You can sense something is coming just be how grey the clouds are getting and the fact that wind is picking up. It just feels like a storm is coming. If we do get serious snow, it means my newspaper is going to be sitting at the bottom of the driveway until I get motivated enough to dig myself out. Same thing with the mail. If it doesn’t show up before things start coming down, it can sit in the box for a bit.

Big snows do end up making me think more about the birds and other animals that inhabit our backyard. They’ve been all over the feeders today and if we do get some heavy snow that sticks around, the first thing I’ll have to do is shovel paths to the feeders to keep them stocked. I know there are other food sources around but the feeders are easy and they are used to them so you can’t just stop when it is harder to find other food.

The raccoons came out for a bit so we gave them some food as well. I suspect they’ll just go back and hide until the snow level goes down. Had a squirrel chattering away because the corn feeder I had was empty, so I put another ear on it for them. I mean maybe that isn’t why he was making so much noise but it certainly seemed that way.

Nothing left to do but stay inside and wait and see what comes our way. I just hope this doesn’t mean that winter is going to play catch up through February to make up for the storms we missed. One big snow can be kind of fun but one is my limit.

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