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Last night at the studio was interesting. I noticed a significant number of Tangos coming up at the Showstoppers and I made an off hand remark to PJ about that and she said we must have inspired others. Well, later in our lesson, another instructor brought his student over. She’s part of a young couple who just did their first routines at the last Showcase and are doing a Tango for Showstoppers.

Anyway, he brought her over because she said something about being inspired by our Tango and wanting to then do it and he thought I should hear that. So we had a somewhat awkward (for me) conversation about that. I have gotten better about accepting compliments but I kind of ran out of things to say after “Thank you” and “that’s so nice of you to say”.

I know there are people who enjoy watching me dance and its good for the self confidence and self esteem to hear that. It does require keeping the ego in check so it is all about balance. Funny thing is I watched the video and cringed (because I always do that). The tape just makes it seem slow which is odd. I guess it is sometimes hard to see in yourself what others see in you.

It is difficult to describe the emotions I felt hearing that. People see the finished product but they don’t know all the doubt and insecurities I’ve had to deal with on my dance journey. I can’t deny there is a skill level there but it is still a little humbling to just hear someone tell you that you inspired them.

Maybe it is just because I live with my bundle of insecurities that it never occurs to me that I could be the type someone would want to emulate. I know all about how it feels to watch really talented dancers and how that can really move you. I’m far from a professional so it is always a little odd to think anyone could even feel a little like that watching me.

I guess maybe this is a good thing. I’m kind of a living, dancing ad for the Famous Franchise. Of course we don’t discuss how much time and how much money it took me to get to this level.

But part of my reason for writing this is that I also think back on how many times we passed a studio and talked about it but never went in. Or, when talking to friends, the number of times I’d hear “I can’t dance”. Well neither could I. The thing is you don’t take the first step, you’ll never know where the path may lead. So if you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to try, just do it. Stop finding reasons not to.


    1. To be fair, it hasn’t all been joy but the scale is clearly tipped in the positive direction. It does all come down to taking that chance and trying something different because you just never know.

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