Fall Allergies in the Time of Covid

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This has certainly not been the year to have allergies and/or upper respiratory issues. And when you are allergic to practically every kind of plant that produces pollen, the fun never really stops. I get a couple of weeks in mid summer after the trees have stopped and before the ragweed and other grasses takes over. There’s always dust and molds just waiting to strike as well.

Like spring, fall is also the time of rapidly changing weather. We’ve had an extended stretch of really nice fall/summer weather. The temps aren’t really as hot as a normal summer but they are warmer than we’d expect this time of year. That is due to end later in the week and the battling fronts always wreak havoc on my sinuses. In super bad years, it turns into a sinus infection.

So, even though the pollen count is down, I’ve been dealing with congestion and an on and off headache. This morning, you can add in that fun little scratchy feeling in the back of your throat which could either just be an after effect of drainage or the beginnings of a cold.

Now, I’m 99.99% convinced that this is just my normal reaction to fall. Doesn’t mean I haven’t spent time reading about the differences. And finding helpful statements like “during allergy season, it may be hard to tell the difference between COVID-19 and allergies”. The only helpful bit of advice is to watch for symptoms that are different from what you’ve had before.

As much as I hate cold weather , I find myself looking forward to that first hard freeze that kills off all those stupid weeds and turns off the pollen for a bit.

Like I said, this is just not the year to have seasonal allergies.

This would be useful!

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