Friday Night is Alright

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So the last day of July. Another day closer to the end of 2020. Another month of pandemic. Such fun.

This upcoming week is going to be like a preview of fall. We may not touch 80 until late in the week. Of course, weather forecasts past a couple of days carry a significant amount of risk. Our State Fair was scheduled to open on August 7th and weather like this would have been perfect and we’d be hoping it would hold. But we don’t have a State Fair this year, so it doesn’t matter.

Things for the fall are already starting to be called off. Our symphony isn’t going to play this year. Just cancelled the entire season through spring of next year. There’s a festival we like to attend in September and they cancelled that as well. 2020 is the gift the just keeps giving.

This has no relation to the post, I just thought it was funny.

I had to start Rocco on a new medicine which we hope will work with his anti-inflammatory and give him less pain moving around. The funny part is this had to be filled at a pharmacy – at least that’s how this vet wanted to do it. So I got the recorded courtesy message for Rocco Miller that the prescription was ready.

Thought about taking him in with me as proof. At least they didn’t ask for his date of birth. The guy did ask if I had any questions for the pharmacist. Well does he know about dogs? I got the same sheet with all the possible problems and side effects that they would give to the human patients. Not that this is funny but it warns against possible sucidal thoughts. How am I supposed to watch my dog to know if he is having suicidal thoughts? Guessing that doesn’t apply to dogs.

OK, I’m done.

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