Graph of the Day and Family Issues

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Another post that is likely to be all over the board. Had a dentist and doctor appointment yesterday. Both were set up back in January before the ‘rona took over the world. Both places required masks and temperature checks before you could enter and they took you directly back to the exam room. No sitting in the waiting room.

And I totally get the precautions. At some point, don’t you just get tired of living in a contagion. I mean everyone is nice and pleasant but there’s this underlying tone of being treated like a piece of toxic waste. Masked people greeting you and shining a light on your forehead. Then you get followed to the exam room to make sure you can’t wander freely. And of course, everything gets scrubbed down after you leave. Like I said, I understand the why, but it can really feel dehumanizing at times.

Now, just for fun, I’m going to share another graph. Why? Because I spend my time doing them and this is my blog and you’re going to have to put up with it. Today, our focus is on Pakistan and the picture is really interesting.

Right now, Pakistan is #12 in terms of the total number of cases. They had passed Spain but thing seem to be flaring up in different parts of Spain so Spain jumped back ahead. The numbers from WHO as of yesterday – 275225 cases with 5865 deaths (CFR of 2.1%).

The pattern is a little interesting. Cases rising but at a relatively slow rate until the end of May. Then, there was a two period of exponential type growth. But the peak was very short and things have been declining for over a month. Yesterday was the smallest number of new reported cases since April 30th – just to give you some idea of how long the up and down trip takes. But this is certainly headed in the right direction.

I haven’t talked about my Dad in a bit. He currently is in a skilled rehab place recovering from an infection caused by one of his cats. He’s fallen once and was taken to the ER for stitches. With the ‘rona, the place is closed to visitors and he doesn’t have a cell phone so we mostly trade messages through the nurse and social worker.

My brother and I were finally appointed as guardians. We have tried to respect his wishes to spend his days at home but it is also clear that is no longer a viable option. My brother tried to get additional help to come to the house but that isn’t working. So he’s kind of been in limbo at the rehab place – they aren’t going to release him just yet because of his vision and being a huge fall risk.

The good news is my brother called an assisted living place where he’s been on a wait list. As luck would have it, there is an opening. Well I’m not sure at this point that it was luck. I think it is just the universe pointing us in the right direction. My brother and I just talked and this seems like the safest option.

It leaves a lot of things to deal with because we aren’t going to sell the house until he’s gone. The biggest thing is going to be dealing with him. I have no idea what the fall out will be but he’s just not capable of living on his own and we don’t have other good options.

2020 is the year that just keeps on giving.

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