Commence Stage 4

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It looks like my ballroom life may start up again next week. I actually could have taken a lesson tomorrow but there were some issues so I decided against it. OK, the issue was that the times were right around dinner and I’m doing most of the meal prep around here these days and my wife has a late afternoon meeting so it just wasn’t going to work out.

But we have tentatively set a time for a week from today. He needs to confirm with Mini and then I’ll be making my return to the ballroom. Nice!

In my state, we are moving to stage 4 in the reopening plan this weekend. So that changes some of the things the studio is going to do. The best news is they are making masks optional for private lessons! They are still limiting the number of lessons and starting on the hour to allow extra time to clean up between lessons. I’ll get more detail in an email due out by the end of the week.

The big thing is that they are restarting in studio group classes next week as well. One group class only so each day is a different level. The size of the classes are limited so sign up is required. Plus, masks are required for group class. There will be no rotation and if you don’t come with a partner, you will likely dance alone unless you can find a willing partner. I may try one just to see. Haven’t decided yet.

I think this is the appropriate level of caution given the current situation. I’m sure they will continue to have the usual caveats about not coming in (both student and teacher) if you don’t feel well. I know the WHO retracted their statement on asymptomatic people but it does feel like the risk would be low.

The unknown is large events although OwnerGuy is not planning on any of these soon. He did say that one area was planning on holding their Big Dance Event but I can’t remember when that was. I kind of think that is still too risky. Events like this just have too many people on the floor and too many people moving around and touching stuff when they aren’t on the floor.

I mean one of the events they specifically cited as an early spreader of this thing was a conference in Boston. Now a dance event isn’t a conference but you have some of the same issues. People traveling from all over and then taking whatever they were exposed to back. Large gatherings where it is impossible to practice social distancing. Just seems like a little too early to be going that far.

So that’s the big news from around here. It may be a little different but it will actually be nice to step back into the studio again. Another step on the road back to something resembling pre-Covid normality.

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