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Do they look happy? I think so!

Feeling a little down today. Some of it is virus fatigue. I’m tired of the news and I’m tired of people’s reaction to the situation. I’m tired of something that should be uniting instead becoming political and divisive like everything else. So I’m just going to spill some random thoughts with pictures that make me happy in between.

We got cold this morning. I mean below freezing cold. The bird bath was frozen because I disconnected the heater when I thought it was safe. The only good thing is we didn’t lose a lot of the annuals that we planted last week. A few look a little shaky but maybe they’ll bounce back. I know we probably weren’t safely past the last freeze but it was not a welcome visitor.

I’ve seen something like this – makes me just want to walk under the trees.

Just to give myself a little credit – I woke up both Thursday and Friday feeling like I wanted to skip working out. But I dragged myself down to our makeshift exercise room both days. I do end up feeling good after the work out so I’m glad I didn’t talk myself out of it.

I did try to watch the group class the studio put out on Friday night. But the problem is that OwnerGuy was on a lesson at the same time. Must have been a virtual lesson since I didn’t think they were officially open. Anyway, he was louder than poor instructor trying to do the lesson. So it was a little distracting.

I have not yet been contacted about resuming lessons. I know JoNY went out of state when this hit (her family resides elsewhere). It could be that she’s not back yet so they will only start with the instructors that are actually physically here. Maybe that will solve my dilemma about whether to start up again.

Do you ever see a photo like the one above and just wish you could walking down those railroad tracks? I don’t know why but that’s what I feel. Did you ever put coins on a railroad track and have them get smashed by a train? I know we did but it wasn’t near our house because I don’t remember where the nearest train tracks were. Always had a thing for train tracks though.

We did buy some more annuals today. Going to space out the planting over a couple weeks because there just isn’t much else to do. Didn’t want to plant a lot because I’m not sure the ground is warm enough for them. But it was at least something to do. I was in the minority not wearing a mask. I guess it was sort of close quarters but it was mostly outside and you could pretty much stay away from people.

The photo above is from Arches National Park in Utah. I skipped the iconic arch photos just because. We were there a couple of years ago and I was just blown away by the place. Not sure when we will take another vacation but I’m pretty sure it will be awhile.

The garden spot we went to was attached to a big outdoor shopping area. Since it is outside our city limits, stores were allowed to open although several remained closed. There wasn’t a lot of foot traffic yet so I’m guessing most folks are too scared to go back to the malls. Or they don’t have a lot of money to spend. Or a combination of both.

We have some restaurants that are opening up as well. They have to do reduced capacity and require reservations. Which means we aren’t likely to be going anytime soon. We aren’t planners and usually make our decision on where to go at the last minute. Plus, a reservation could require picking up a phone and talking to someone. Much prefer the safety of the delivery app with no human contact.

Now that I look at the above, it looks more like a painting. I’m not the biggest fan of fall but the colors can be pretty. And the deer in the middle are a nice touch.

I should clarify slightly on the no human contact thing. I actually don’t have a problem with face to face stuff. In the stores we frequent and get recognized, I do enjoy those little moments of small talk. I know I’m an introvert and we are supposed to hate that stuff but its situational for me. Throw me in with a group of people I don’t know well and I won’t say anything at all. But in a one on one with someone I “know”, I’ve got no problem with it. I’m not the best and it can certainly get awkward but I kind of like those little connections.

Calling someone on the phone is a whole different thing all together. Hate it. Don’t want to do it. Why? I don’t know. I mean they can’t see me but I just hate dialing numbers to places of business. So that’s why the food delivery apps are the best.

I’ll just end with a shot of sunrise over a beach. I know this is sunrise because I know the beach I selected. You’re never going to find me sitting in the sun all day on a beach but I love walking on them. Something about walking in the sand and water with the sun on you.

Plus I’m more about sunrise than sunset. I’ve said that before but the sunrise is just more hopeful to me.

Again, I was mostly bored and a little down and now you have some truly random stuff to read. Maybe the pictures will make you happy as well.

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