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So have you been using any of the services that delivery meals from various restaurants. Up until the age of corona, we did not. Every now and then, we’d order a pizza but that was it. Using these services has been a new and mostly good experience.

Of course, in these dark times we live in, you have to fear fellow humans so we wait behind our door until they’ve dropped off the food. When they’ve reached an acceptably socially distant place, I can open the door and pick things up and give them the little wave and thanks. I hate doing this but I think it is more the norm now.

There is a local restaurant that is one of those breakfast/lunch places. We aren’t exactly regulars but we go a couple of times a year. I wouldn’t say the food is extra special but I kind of prefer it to the more upscale chain brunch spots that dot the city.

We decided to order a big breakfast from them for Easter. Again, hoping that every little bit helps them survive. I’m going to say that our driver wasn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer. He seemed to get lost on the way here and then delivered two bags of stuff which seemed odd.

Turns out we got a breakfast meant from someone else in addition to ours. Now, at this point, there is nothing that can be done. Nobody is going to take food back from us and then deliver it to somebody else. It looked like some kind of special pancake with sprinkles on it and an omelette with hash browns. Can imagine the pancake meant for a child and the adult getting the omelette.

Can’t imagine the scene at that house when nothing showed up. Hope the restaurant was able to replace it relatively quickly. Kind of imagine some kid acting up about not getting the pancakes. Felt a little guilty about eating them today but, again, what are you going to do because they wouldn’t have taken them back.

Had a bit of a struggle with the exercise routine this morning. And, no, it wasn’t because of the pancakes. I had them for lunch. Not sure why. I wasn’t as active over the weekend but sometimes I find that a couple of days away helps. Today, it did not. So I could really appreciate when the timer went off telling me to move on to the next phase. Managed to push through though.

Today it is cold and windy. It does not stop the dog from coming up and begging for his walk. I don’t see it happening but I can’t explain that to him. Sometimes, I kind of half to add some emphasis to the NO when he’s jumping around like crazy thinking we are going. I hate to do that because then he gets this pathetic, pouty look like he’s saying “I just want a walk” and then I feel guilty for not taking him. I know he’s playing me.

But I’m not crazy about the idea of trying to walk in some high winds.

Oh, and then my brother got a call from Pop’s caretaker yesterday. He had fallen a couple of times and they were concerned. Turns out he didn’t eat or drink anything on Saturday which he does from time to time even though we tell him that it isn’t a good thing. I’ll have to call later today to see how things are going. Tough being this far away and also not really sure that driving up there is the best idea. The governor up there seems to have really taken to the new powers and basically shut everything down. I half expect to see a police barricade at the state line.

So I’m here trying to do things to keep my mind occupied. Doing stuff related to the baseball season that may never happen. And also for the football season that might even be iffy. I did run new models for all the various states. While the raw number of cases continues to grow, there are small signs that the rate of change is slowing. But it will have to slow a heck of a lot more before we get sprung.

Which means life continues as it has for these past I don’t know how many weeks.

Problem is I’m having a hard time visualizing this being over.


  1. I never ordered takeout before corona either. I decided to treat myself on my birthday (March 30). I ended up getting someone else’s food from a different restaurant that was in the same shopping center as the one I ordered from. 😂 Obviously the same delivery person. It worked out. I left the food that wasn’t mine outside my door and it disappeared (I assume into the hands of the person who ordered it) and my restaurant was quick about remaking my order that never came. And they gave me an extra dessert, so bonus!

    1. I’m sure that’s happening a lot and probably not helping the restaurants out. Nice that you got a free bonus dessert on your birthday! Somebody must have enjoyed your original meal for free though. Can you imagine a random dinner showing up outside your door?

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