Is it Really a “Good” Friday?

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So we’ve reached the end of what would be another work week. Another week of social distancing and staying at home. Wondering if there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

With respect to the quote above, one of the things I’ve been doing to deal with this is exercise. I hit my step goal on Monday and somehow that has triggered me to do it every other day this week. It did mean that I spent about 30 minutes walking around my driveway on Tuesday night but I’ve managed to do it. The good news is that my driveway sits back from the road so the neighbors didn’t get an opportunity to see me and think I had gone crazy. Tuesday was actually a nice warm night so it was worth it.

Had to talk a little walk through the neighborhood yesterday when it was much colder. Passed the same couple twice and we smiled and said hello. On the way back, I was walking on the same side of the street as they were so I decided to cross. Hope they didn’t take it the wrong way but it seemed appropriate.

I do have Rocco so walks are a thing but at his age he just can’t go for as long as he used to so I need to supplement with other things. I’m finding that wearing the counter on my wrist means it counts things that aren’t actually steps. So when I do bicep curls, it is giving me credit for “steps”. But I don’t feel guilty about that because I’m doing something so I should get some credit. I mean steps are nice if your primary form of exercise is walking or running but it isn’t an accurate measure of activity if you do other things. Besides, I can’t keep it from counting so what can you do. Still something about reaching the number just gives a little sense of accomplishment.

Quick note on Rocco – he seems to be recovering from the upper respiratory thing. Still coughing but not as much. So the anti-biotics are working which is good given his age and other conditions.

Yesterday I got stung by a hornet. Stupid thing was crawling on the door lock and I didn’t see it when I went to unlock the door to let Rocco out in the yard. The first sign of something being wrong was a sharp pain in the thumb which isn’t what I was expecting from just unlocking a door.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I had a terrible allergic reaction to a bee sting as a kid. Got stung on my middle finger and my arm ending up swelling up to about halfway between the wrist and elbow. This was before the days of the epi-pen so they ended up giving me something called an “emergency kit” which was a couple of pills in an envelope with instructions on how to use them. When I did summer day care things, I had to take that with me and make sure the staff understood what to do if I got stung again.

It also meant years of allergy shots. I remember Mom picking me up after school one day a week – sometimes I got to leave early when we couldn’t get the appointment at the right time. Every so often, they would increase the dosage and those are the ones I’d feel.

I’ve been stung since then with no reaction but it has been years. It gets drummed into you that you avoid stinging things which I’ve mostly done. And I did have a bit of anxiety over it. What happens if I have a reaction? Where could I go with everything all turned upside down? What if it doesn’t happen right away? The good news is that hurt for a bit but hasn’t really done anything else.

I mean you can’t let fear run your life but I don’t think that means you rush headlong into everything. A little bit of caution isn’t a bad thing. For example, if I decided to spend all my time in the summer inside to avoid stinging things, that would going to far.

I did redo my models yesterday but I’m already not happy with them. I do think there is convincing evidence that the rate of new cases is slowing across Europe but the models I’ve selected just aren’t sensitive enough to pick that up. So they are still off high. May have to explore some other formulas. I know this may seem silly but I can control how I look at the data and that’s what I’m doing here.

Saw a pretty ugly Facebook spat the other day. As always, the topic was politics and one of the people was quoting something that really wasn’t correct. I thought about stepping in but then realized it wouldn’t matter. We’ve reached a place where things have become toxic. If you believe that a certain person is “bad”, then you are always going to assign the worst possible motives to every action they take. And you can’t have a logical discussion when someone is in that state. So I just have to tune it all out.

In answer to my rhetorical question at the beginning, yes it is a good Friday. The world is turned upside down right now but the sun is out and the redbuds are about to burst open and I’ve got birds singing. Its small stuff but you have to look for happiness in the small places when there is this much craziness in the world.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive!

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