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Have you ever just had a random feeling of happiness just wash over you. Not because of any one particular event that you can point to but just a general overall happy moment. Yesterday, the weather was relatively nice so we decided to take Rocco for a walk and as we were walking, a flight of Sandhill Cranes went over. Couldn’t see them for the clouds but we could hear them.

Maybe it was the cranes that triggered it. That was the second flock I saw yesterday. I know it doesn’t mean that spring is super close but it is a sign that spring is coming. I do talk a lot about winter and I’d probably be happier in a place that had less of it but I think going through the winter just makes me appreciate spring and summer that much more.

I’m definitely a summer person but spring is a close second. Something about the way the earth comes back to life that is magical. I know it isn’t really magic but it feels that way. One day, the trees are bare and then you start to see little leaves poking their way out and then you get a full canopy. As a side note, I do have to say that the trees are actually a little more impressive in the winter. Without the leaves, you can really see just how tall many of them are.

But I really look forward to seeing color return to the land and maybe just getting the signs that it is close was enough to just make me all happy inside.

Next chapter in how I become a slave to my Fitbit. Last night, after dinner, I noticed I was less than 1000 steps from my step goal. Something just said “go for the goal” so I spent several minutes walking around the house. (Too dark and cold to walk outside – which is another reason I can’t wait for summer) I stayed away from my wife’s office because she would give me a strange look if I tried to explain it. Rocco was a little confused and kept watching me and waiting for me to sit somewhere. But the goal was met!

And I’ve figured out the pattern – with ten minutes left in each hour of a normal workday, the fitbit buzzes me if I’m short of 250 steps. Its such a nag. The worst one are when I see that I need 200+ steps because it just means I’ve been sitting way too long. Sometimes it buzzes me when I’m driving and I want to tell it that there is nothing I could do. Well, technically, I could frantically wave my arm and probably foot it into thinking I’m doing something but I’d probably just smack my arm on some part of my car and lose control and it wouldn’t end well. Slave to the machine.

I do have a dance lesson and group class tonight so, hopefully, I won’t need to take any laps around the house when I get home. I kind of need something that is a more global measure of activity because I did work out today and the only thing the Fitbit counts is the steps I’m taking between the various areas of the gym. Seems like I’m being shortchanged there.

And on a random ending, we leave for vacation on Saturday. This is where I wish I was more of a list maker. I’m just trying to run through all the stuff I need to get done. Plus checking the weather for Saturday – both here and at our layover spot. Probably should just let it go and assume it will all work out for the best. As I’ve said before, I love vacations when I finally get to where I’m going. The getting there part I don’t like that much. But if I’m light in posting next week, you’ll know why.

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