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I’m not that bad but I am open to being programmed by my step counter. Since I’ve upgraded, I’ve now got this feature where it buzzes me every so often to go get some more steps in. It seems like the goal is 250 steps per hour over a nine hour day. Which won’t get your near 10000 but, then again, we kind of discovered that the 10000 idea was kind of bunk to begin with.

I’ll admit to ignoring it for a bit but, today, I just thought I’d go along with the program. So, when it buzzed me, I got up to walk around the house a bit. Good thing my wife’s office is not something I need to walk by because she probably would have thought I was a bit crazy. Rocco gave me some funny looks though.

But I’ve also realized that one problem about being retired and at home in colder weather is that I’m not as active as I used to be. I mean I did get in my workout at the gym so, from that standpoint, I’m not sitting around all day. When I was working, I enjoyed just getting out and talking with the team so I’d periodically stroll through their part of cube land just and maybe stop and chat a bit. Plus, as much as I hated meetings, our buildings were somewhat spaced out so if you had a couple of meetings in other buildings, you got some steps in.

At home, I’m just not getting that. Not to assign any blame to Rocco but he can’t walk long distances anymore so even taking him doesn’t add a significant amount to my step count. I could probably do more but maybe just starting with getting up every so often is a good compliment to what I’m doing at the gym. The more active hours the better I guess.

Trying to finish the next chunk of 250 steps!

And this may not be true for everyone but do you ever sense that your fitness trackers are judging you? I mean I’ve got this other app that keeps track of my “active minutes”. At the end of the day, it gives me a little message with the total. A feature I could turn off but I figure it likes bugging me so I leave it on. Technically, it tries to be supportive but, on the days last week when I had the bad headache, it was kind of depressing to get a message about getting in 20 minutes of activity. Made me want to just type in somewhere “I was sick – give me a break”. But that’s not an option so it just shamed me without even really meaning to.

I suppose in the end all this data is going somewhere and probably being logged by somebody. I’m sure I could have opted out but it was probably buried deep in one of those agreements you get when you activate an app and who has time for fine print. Maybe that’s a good thing. When the robot overlords take over, they’ll see that I can mostly obey the little device I wear on my wrist.

Yeah, I’ve considered this!

Also, I’m pretty sure the fitbit doesn’t do a good job capturing the amount of activity in ballroom. They probably don’t use the same definition of a “step”. I could be wrong but I certainly feel ripped off after a Viennese Waltz lesson because it seems like I’m being short changed.

Well, my fitbit is now being charged. Which just makes me want to sit at the computer until it is done. Like I don’t want to get cheated out of any steps!

And, until they make a self-charging Fitbit, we’ll always have the power over them. Could just refuse to charge it and let it die a slow death. Shame me again and I will deny you the power!

Alright, I’m done for the night.


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