Spring Preview

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Today is the “holiday” for everyone who is sick of winter. Well if they get the correct prediction from the rodent forecaster. I guess this is some superstition from way back that if the rodent appears above ground and sees his shadow, then he ducks back into his burrow for six more weeks. If it is cloudy, then spring will arrive early.

Of course, this is just silliness although I know people get totally bent out of shape if we have a sunny day on February 2nd. As it turns out, today is sunny and temperatures are pushing 60 so we are getting a very early preview of spring. Actually, this is more like a late spring day.

The type of day that just screams “get outside”. So I’m naturally spending time in front of my computer doing this blog. Well we’ve been out twice walking the dog. He’s getting up there in years and he’s a bit stiff so he can’t walk as much as he used to or else we’d probably still be outside.

Lots of people and dogs out today in the park. Everyone had the same idea. It is funny how pleasant people are when you get these first hints of spring. I mean you’ll get greeted in the winter but most people are wearing lots of layers and not that happy about being outside. But there were some wearing shorts (it happens) and everyone was just smiling and happy.

There are some signs of the approach of spring. Some of my bulbs have just started peaking out through the dirt and there is some new growth on a few trees. Nothing major yet because we are still not at the halfway point of traditional winter. Still it always brings some hope to start to see the evidence that winter is going away. Sorry for those who love winter. I’m just a spring/summer person.

Not much more than that to say. A sunny, spring like day in early February just makes me happy and I felt like writing a few things.

So true! But the rodent comes out at sunrise and everyone will forget about him by kickoff.

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