Beginnings and Endings

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In roughly 40 minutes, I’m going to get a call from my career coach and we are going to go over my LinkedIn profile to see what additional glowing words I should add. I already know I need a photo and we’ll cross that bridge when we need to.

The “support” I got from the company when they kicked me to the curb is winding down. I already had to pay the first premium for my insurance. And the free part of outplacement service, which includes access to my career coach, runs out in another month.

I’m honestly not sure why I even want to devote time to LinkedIN. I guess this the difference between choosing to retire and being “retired” by the company. I know people who retired and there is a big decision making process they went through to know that it was the right thing to do. I’ve been catching up on that since my dismissal.

I suppose in the end the LinkedIn and resume are just safety measures. If something changes and I need to get back into the workforce, I won’t be starting from scratch. Or maybe there is still some part of me that thinks I should be working. Every time I get that “so what do you do all day” question, it hits a chord that suggests I should be doing something.

I joined a Facebook group for employees of my ex-company back when I was an employee. I guess they don’t purge the lists when you are no longer employed so I still get a message or two. Most of it is just typical company fluff – bragging about this or that. This week was “compliance week” at work so they’ve been posting little quizzes and giving rewards for the right answers. I’ve been tempted to respond just for the heck of it but I’ve decided to remain a lurker.

I do drive by the place almost every day. It is hard not to since it is on the way from my house to the gym. Each time I drive by, it feels more and more like just another set of buildings. The hold on me is weakening over time.

Yesterday, after the gym, I had a doctor’s appointment and had time to kill so I ran a few errands. Ended up at a location of a grocery store we used to stop at. They closed the one nearest us and this location is just a little too far to justify driving. It felt both familiar and different. The layout was a little different than the one we used to stop at but there were so many familiar items that it brought me back. Who gets nostalgic over a grocery store? Guess I sometimes do.

See, even though my wife and I are both serious introverts, we can be selectively social. Or maybe we just both look friendly and welcoming because we only have to go to a place a couple of times before they start recognizing us. As much as I normally hate small talk, I don’t necessarily mind the little chit chat with various cashiers and the like. Actually I suppose it could be that we’re just nice and not everyone is so if you don’t treat people in retail like they are your servants, maybe they appreciate it. The point (yes there was a point) is that’s kind of what forms an attachment to a particular place. Connections.

So I went to the gym again this morning. I think I could really get used to this. Did a bit too much upper body yesterday and with a shoulder that is not yet fully 100%, I decided it was best to lay off and focus more on core and what little I can do with legs that doesn’t involve squats. I did something I haven’t done in awhile – the dead bug. I love the names people came up for these things. While it is still difficult since I don’t have abs of steel, I found that it was easier than I remembered. I was somehow able to breathe just a little bit while doing it which was a problem in the past. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow but a little soreness isn’t a bad thing.

Its the little victories you have to take. Anything that shows progress is a good thing.

Well I should probably go and pull up my LinkedIn page and get ready for the phone call. Hope you have a good day!

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