Its All Coming Back to Me

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Muscle memory is a great thing. On our first lesson last night, we only had half the floor because of group class. And OwnerGuy was coming on our second lesson to finish the Fox Trot routine. Since Showcase is coming up we also need to go back to our other dances so the first lesson was a split between Cha-Cha and Mambo.

I’m to a point where I can pretty much visualize the Cha-Cha routine in my head. So I don’t have to do a lot of thinking about what step comes next and that helped me remember the pattern. Basically did it on the first try. There were a couple of places where my frame tended to get bigger and more smooth like. Just a reminder for me to be thinking about the frame at certain points and not letting my left elbow slide out.

The Mambo isn’t quite in the same place. Stumbled a bit on the newer stuff so we just took extra time to go over those parts. The end is still a bit fast when we break into the side by side stuff but, in general, it went pretty well. I did sign up for Showcase yesterday as well. Five heats for Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Cha-Cha, Swing and Rumba. And four each of Viennese Waltz, Mambo and Bolero.

I may have mentioned this before but we do have a new female instructor and a new guy going through training. The lady is DH’s old partner which is a little weird because she’s a competitive dancer so it is weird seeing her being trained by someone who has far less experience. I think she’s more learning the Famous Franchise way of teaching. The guy may or may not work out. He’s an ex student and has the enthusiasm level so we shall see.

We were one lady short for group class so our new instructor filled in. Funny because she was practicing Bronze level Cha-Cha when I came in but jumped right into a Silver Viennese Waltz. Which is why I think they are more training her to teach. I mean she clearly knew the pattern we were doing.

It was certainly different dancing with someone who danced competitively. The rotation came around and she’s shaping and she’s got this big frame that I tried to match. Plus, she just got right into closed position without even thinking about it. Quite a difference from the other two ladies at group class.

On the Fox Trot, we only had a little bit of time left in the song so OwnerGuy just added a few more steps. He was also trying to come up with a way to end the routine while keeping up with the story that the song tells. Then we talked about what to wear and what might look good. The only problem is that JoNY kept cracking up at the end (maybe I was doing too much dramatic flourish) when it was supposed to be a little more serious. Hopefully she gets the giggles out now. I’m going to wait to share the details.

I also kind of forgot that I signed up for a coaching lesson on Thursday. This is what happens when they put the sign up sheet up so far in advance. I think we are going to work on the Argentine Tango. Although JoNY got a bit confused because she thought this was the guy who started our routine but it is a different coach. Z still thinks that he’d be fine for Argentine Tango so that’s what we are going to do.

Lots of dancing last night. But I still decided to go to the gym this morning. Hit more of the upper body and core since my legs were a bit tired. Still did my calf raises because I’ve read that you can do those more often. But that was dance story for the day.

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