Home Again, Home Again

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We are now back in the hotel room on our last night here. That means all the sightseeing is done and I’ve just got to make it through another day of travel hell. Or maybe I should say I just need to deal with my anxiety about something going wrong.

We rented a car and I always buy the fuel at rental. I know they are ripping me off and if I didn’t do that and filled it up before returning, then I’d save money. But I’m not in my element here. I don’t know where the gas stations are. I’m not comfortable trying to find one to fill up that is close enough that the gauge still reads “full” enough for the rental people. Plus, that would just be one more thing to do and there is already too much to do.

The problem with my option is that they tell you to bring it back empty. If I try to do that, then I start stressing a bit on the last day. How much gas do I need to get to and from where we are going. And since I’m in Canada, everything is in metric units. So I’d have to have some estimate of gas mileage in km/L to know how much gas I’d need for the trip. Seriously, I have no idea how to calculate that and I don’t want to try and do the conversion. I’m on vacation. Why would I need to think.

Fortunately, the car has a nice navigation system. So on our way to our destination, I searched for gas stations and found one. I made a guess about how much I might need but I was way off and now the car is going back with a little less than half a tank. Yes, I’m just throwing money away here but I’d argue my sanity is worth it. One less thing to worry about.

We had a great time but I’m so ready to go home. Certain things are just “off” when you are on vacation. At home, I’ve got my laptop plugged into a big external monitor and I’ve got an external keyboard that I like a lot better than the one the laptop came with. Plus, I have an external mouse which I forgot to pack so I’m stuck with the stupid track pad that I don’t like using. It just makes doing stuff like this feel wrong.

But I also seriously miss my dog. We were in so many places where people were walking dogs and I just wanted him to be there with us. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen but now I think he’s been in the kennel long enough.

There’s a lot to see and do here in Nova Scotia. We easily could have spent another week here exploring other parts of the province but I couldn’t live out of a suitcase that long. We kind of got stuck in Halifax last night because they closed one of the two bridges that lead out of town and back towards our hotel. I drove around looking for an alternative route figuring the second bridge was going to be super jammed (it was). We eventually found the alternative route and made our escape. That was really the only down part of the whole trip.

And it is also why I ended up preferring the south shore on the Bay of Fundy. Not as many options for food or places to stay but it just seemed a little more low key and relaxed. I did like the boardwalk in Halifax – but getting in and out of the city was not low key.

So that’s it for vacation. We had a good time but it is time to go home.

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