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So I realize I probably should have asked a whole bunch more questions about the surgery. I guess the doc was being so nonchalant about it that I figured it was nothing much. At the very least, it would have been nice to know that there was a possibility that my face was going to end up looking like Rocky Balboa.

Well I exaggerate a bit.

I mean I had scheduled an appointment with the Ortho doc for the day after. It was the first available and I figured well I’ll be up and around so what’s the problem. I was up and around but looked like I had gone a few rounds with someone. With all the concerns around patient privacy, nobody really said anything except the Ortho doc who pretty much knew immediately what had happened. His wife had gone through something similar recently.

I now learn that the nose is probably one of the worst places to get one of these things. Not because it is more dangerous but there just isn’t a lot of skin nearby and creating a hole is more difficult to deal with. I knew he had said something about rotating a flap to cover the gap but, silly me, I hadn’t considered the possibility of stitches until he gave me a follow up appointment card to get the stitches out.

And these stitches just happen to be very close to the bridge of my nose where the reading glasses hit. So I’m constantly pushing up to make sure the glasses are irritating the stitches. I shouldn’t really complain though. If it is just one surgery and a little discomfort, I still get off easily.

Since they are worried about infection, I get an antibiotic. I have a spotty history with those. Sometimes there is no problem. Sometimes not. The good news is that I was at someplace the other day and they had a buy 2 get 1 free thing going on. I got my two joint supplements and then they were listing the free stuff and one of them was a probiotic. So, I just grabbed that one. And I’m taking that with the antibiotic. It probably is a death sentence for all the little probiotic things but I think it is has helped.

This antibiotic says something about avoiding direct sun exposure. Not sure why. I suppose I should look that up but it kind of sucks since it is summer and I want to be outside. I have been able to sit outside in the shade and reading and watching all the birds so that’s been cool.

While it was still minor surgery, it has taken a little more out of me than I expected. So I really didn’t do anything today which I don’t like because a body at rest tends to remain at rest. I just started this little annoying tracker that reads the activity on my phone and then gives me feedback. I was going good with active minutes until Wednesday and now I don’t have that many. And there is no setting that says “I just had surgery and still don’t feel like getting up and moving around that much”. So I’m basically ignoring it.

I do feel better today than I did yesterday. I got more sleep than I did the first night. Hopefully, tomorrow will be another step forward.

Next time, I’ll ask more questions.

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