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After two days of cold rain, today started out foggy and a little chilly but it was one of those days when you knew the temperature was going to go up once the fog burned off. The birds were singing up a storm as we got up. I know there are scientific reasons for why birds sing but I like to think they are greeting the day so I can just sit back and enjoy the concert. Nothing better than doing my Sunday Sudoku (yes, I’m a geek) listening to the birds.

Because it was Easter, we decided to go out for breakfast. Breakfast/brunch has certainly become a thing and there are a lot of places that have popped up. Most of them are chains and have egg or an egg part (yolk) in the title. But we prefer a little local place. I’m not going to claim it is better than the chains but it does the job.

Then we took Rocco the wonder dog for a walk. He was very happy to be out after being cooped up inside all day yesterday because of the rain. I guess the grass was softened by the rain because he was sampling at multiple places. Not sure why but he likes his grass.

So with breakfast out of the way and Rocco taken care of, we decided to do a little tourist stuff. At this point, the fog had burned off and the sun was out and the temperatures were climbing into more spring like norms. We hit the zoo because we love animals. There was a baby giraffe out and about so I got some photos. Made me think of Mom who loved giraffes and how much she would have enjoyed seeing the baby running around.

The zoo is also nicely landscaped and the tulips were out in full force. There is a garden next to the zoo so we went over there to see more tulips. The redbuds were also out so there was just color everywhere. Some kind of lilac had opened up so we had to stop and smell the flowers.

Just a perfect Easter Sunday. Hope you had a nice one as well.

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