Reflections on a Rainy Saturday

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The headache that has plagued me for several days is finally fading. The weather has turned colder than normal but then normal doesn’t really mean much at this time of year. We should be in the 60s and the last two days have been in the 40’s with a cold rain most of each day. Easter is supposed to be sunny and nice but we shall see.

These are the days when I regret the fact that I only wear one pair of shoes and they are tennis shoes with mesh uppers. OK, if I were walking in snow, I do have a pair of clunkier boots that are actually waterproof but as there is no snow, I stuck with the mesh shoes. And naturally, it meant water got in and soaked my socks a bit. Nothing worse than being wet because it always feels colder and if my feet (or hands) are cold, I just can’t warm up. I’m on my third pair of socks because every trip outside required a change. The good news is that we are in for the night (yes, we are boring) so I won’t have to face the wet and cold anymore.

Ran into a couple we knew from dancing at the local super market as we were doing the weekly shopping. I was off collecting the stuff that we had neglected to pick up the first time so I got back to the cart and my wife was engaged in conversation. She had already let them know that my job had been eliminated. Which lead to the inevitable questions about what I was going to do and so on. Funny thing was they all started trying to suggest things I could do. Hey, I’m not a problem to be solved. I’ve got a two month paid vacation here and I’m not really in a hurry to jump back into something. Let me take some time and figure out what, if anything, I really want to do.

They made a couple of interesting remarks. She said I was too young to be retired. Really? Wasn’t sure there was an age limit. He said something about never expecting to retire and how he’d need to keep busy and also that he loves what he does. Which is really the key. If you are doing something that you really enjoy, and you aren’t dreading coming in every day, then stay until you want to leave. I’ve said this before but it is becoming clear that the last year and a half really was a lot harder than I thought it was and I’m really enjoying the feeling of not having that burden on my shoulders.

And the thing about keeping busy is I can find ways to entertain myself. Certainly, there is the dancing but I’ve also got this. Which may sound strange but I find it entertaining and there is some mental stimulation involved in any creative process. Even if it is sometimes just me opening the spigot in my mind and letting it dump on to the keyboard.

There was one thing that sounded interesting. I’ve found that dicing up stuff is kind of therapeutic for me. Something about taking a carrot and reducing it to small pieces that I find relaxing. Well this guy talked about an organization where they do need volunteers to help prepare food. So that might be something that could be fun to do. Again, I’m not at a point where I need to reach out and grab something so that is something to store away for future reference.

One other work thing. I got a text from a guy I know at work to tell me about someone who apparently resigned on Friday. Always happens after a major downsizing – people don’t feel safe and you get a second wave of people jumping ship. I was talking to my wife about this and made a comment about how “we” are going to be in trouble if this keeps up and she said to me “Its not we anymore, it them”. Still, I feel for at least a few of the ones who are left there but it really isn’t my problem anymore.

Well now I’m off to find something else to do staying in my warm and dry house and hoping tomorrow is a sunny and warmer day.

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