Tuesday Thoughts

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I was trying to do a post yesterday but the website kept crashing. I’m taking that to be a sign to not do that post. Maybe the universe simply knew it wasn’t interesting. More likely, it is just that the browser I like to use kind of sucks. Either way, that post is gone forever.

I thought about calling this Tuesday Tidbits and then I was just randomly searching for things related to Tidbits and this cheese cracker popped up. I don’t believe they still make them but I remember them. They were little log shaped things and the box replaced the two “I’s” with the cracker in the title.

Plus, while doing this random search, I saw someone else had used that title. So I discarded that idea and went with “thoughts” to describe this series of unrelated things that pop into my head while I’m writing this. Is it really “writing” if you are actually typing? Probably because I’m assume very few people actually write anything anymore.

Makes me realize that the writing and printing classes I took in elementary school many years ago are of little value today. I just remember we had this really bad paper. I swear there were still pieces of wood in it. But it was all lined out so you could get all the lower and upper case letters to the right size. I tended not to get good marks in that because it seemed like a silly set of rules to follow.

Yesterday, I thought of a different way to tackle the step issue. Now, when I get the buzz that I need to hit my hourly goal, I wait until close to the top of the hour. Then, I make one trip down and spend a little time walking around the yard until the hour changes. Then I make a second trip down. Kills two hours in a short period of time. Not sure if it is weirder to see me make two trips down in a short period of time or trips every hour but I kind of like knowing I’ve already hit the next hour.

Today is more April than May. Cloudy with rain and temperatures below 60. Kind of pushing the limits of true shorts weather. But I don’t care. Once I make the call to go with shorts, it’ll take colder weather than this to get me to go back to pants. My legs have already gotten used to the freedom and it now feels a little strange to have to put on pants to go to my dance lessons. (I’ve seen people take lessons in shorts – it isn’t a good look)

Well that’s all I’ve got for today.

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